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15 people technology turned into billionaires

From 10101 to nine zeroes
by Neps Firmalan | Mar 14, 2012
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We can go on with why we love technology and the people in the gallery below probably love it for a billion reasons. Forbes just released the new list of billionaires, and we found that quite a lot of them got their fortunes through various tech endeavors. Why do we love technology and by implication, the people whose lives it has "enriched"? Well for one, they're self-made. There's a lot of hard work and big decisions involved when you're self-made, and it's that kind of courage coupled with curiosity of the future and the capabilities of technology that made these fifteen people's bank accounts get a couple more zeroes than the rest of us.

Erin Carlisle of Forbes also reports that "technology is now the second-most common way billionaires [in the U.S.] made their fortunes."

We didn't bother including Bill Gates and Larry Ellison, they've been on the list for quite a long time. Just to shake things up, we're counting down tech billionaires by age and not by net worth and we realized that the four youngest all came from one company, so scroll down below to start.

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