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BEWARE: Here Are The 25 Most Popular (a.k.a. Worst) Passwords Of 2014

The Top 5 will make you ask "Will we ever learn?"
by Neps Firmalan | Jan 22, 2015
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The password is often our first line of defense in protecting our precious files, whether online or offline. The longer and messier it is, the better for your data's security.

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The thing is, while some of us take pride in making one that not even Sherlock Holmes can crack, others are still dumb (or lazy?) enough to settle with something even your 10-year-old nephew can solve, making them prime candidates to be the stars of the next leaked grainy sex video.

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It's kinda sad actually; you'd think that, after all the big time hacking that has happened in recent years, we'd be more digitally prepared. But, alas, that's not the case.

Here's proof: SplashData, a company that specializes in password management and security apps, compiled a list of 2014's most popular (a.k.a. worst) passwords based on the millions of passwords that were leaked last year. And, by golly, the Top 5 will really have you scratching your heads.

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Here, take a lookie:

  1. 123456
  2. password
  3. 12345
  4. 12345678
  5. qwerty
  6. 123456789
  7. 1234
  8. baseball
  9. dragon
  10. football
  11. 1234567
  12. monkey
  13. etmein
  14. bc123
  15. 111111
  16. mustang
  17. access
  18. shadow
  19. master
  20. michael
  21. superman
  22. 696969
  23. 123123
  24. batman
  25. trustno1

Is yours on the list? Change it now, you caveman!

And if you want to go the extra mile to secure your files and accounts (we recommend that you do), click here to brush up on other anti-hacking tips!

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