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3 gadgets to watch for at CEL 2009

<p>A sneak peek of three new gadgets to be launched at CEL</p>
| Oct 22, 2009
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Happening from November 13 to 15, 2009 at the World Trade Center in Pasay is Consumer Electronics Live Manila—one of the, if not the biggest tech convention in the country. [firstpara] Consider it a paradise for technophiles: the event promises a smorgasbord of nifty gadgets, all the latest cellphones, and a cosplay competition, which, really, can only be good thing. But that's gettting ahead of the story.

Here's a sneek peek of three new gadgets that will be launched at the event:

Genius Navigator 380 VOIP Mouse 
Agood ‘ol, standard computer mouse allows you to click and glide, and click some more, and then glide some more. But the Genius Navigator 380 VOIP Mouse isn't just good and it's not old. This little mouse right here moonlights as a phone.

What the hell is a VOIP mouse, the town laggard asks. VOIP simply means Voice over Internet protocol. It's a means to talk to someone over the Internet, like you would on a normal phone. And that’s what this smart little exactly mousey does. When someone calls you, the mouse’s LED light blinks, signaling a call. If your PC’s speakers are turned on, you’ll also hear a ring.

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To answer the caller, you simply have to pop open the mouse like a clamshell mobile phone, and that’s that. The Genius Navigator 380 has support for up to six instant messengers including Skype, MSN, Yahoo, AIM, QQ, and GoogleTalk. As a mouse, the Genius Navigator 380 is pretty accurate too with its 1200 dpi optical engine. It doesn’t lose out on the ergonomics department in spite of its special phone features.


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