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3 'Game Of Thrones' Games To Play While Waiting For The Next Episode

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by Andrei Medina | Jul 20, 2017
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Can’t get enough of the premiere episode of Game of Thrones Season 7? It appears we’re in the same, sad boat since we have to endure a few more agonizing days before the second episode finally airs.

But if you really can’t wait and are raring to immerse yourself further into the fantasy world created by George R. R. Martin then we have the perfect alternative for you, and no it’s not the novels.

Below is a short list of games based on the GoT universe that will surely help you get through the weekend and possibly even after this season ends.

Game of Thrones by Cyanide Studios

Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360, PC

It was launched way back in 2012 and the graphics are obviously dated, but hardcore fans looking to consume more content can find solace within this game.

This game pretty much has an RPG format where you get to play as two unique characters with their stories set in the same timeline as the TV show, and still in the world of Westeros. It’s a good choice if you don’t mind the graphics and just want to immerse yourself in the GoT universe with a fresh perspective.

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Game of Thrones Ascent by Disruptor Beam

Platforms: iOS, Android, Facebook

If you’re into strategy games then this is your best bet. It works a lot like your typical browser games so don’t expect some triple A game action and high-end graphics when playing this. Instead, you can seek adventures, build an army, and conquer your foes in your quest to claim the Iron Throne.

Again, the graphics aren’t this game’s selling point but it does have massive content with weekly updates.

Game of Thrones - A Telltale Games Series

Platforms: PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, iOS, macOS, Android, PC 

Telltale does it again, this time with its episodic storytelling take on Game of Thrones where all your choices—from seemingly minor details to major decisions—will affect how the game ends. So best be careful on how you make your choices because you’ll probably get your friends killed here more often than not.

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