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3rd-gen Apple iPad with LTE coming soon to Smart?

Makes sense
by Neps Firmalan | Mar 8, 2012
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Maybe. No, make that most probably, at least for us. Fact is, Smart has announced that it "welcomes" the arrival of the 3rd-gen iPad and, with this, a hint that the giant telco could also offer an LTE version of Apple's tablet.

It makes sense, actually, given how Smart has been very busy putting up its LTE network here, which could be up and running within the next few months. That would fit the scenario of the 3rd-gen iPad's local availability, which we project will be around late April or early May. In a press release, the MVP-owned telco says "Given, however, that the country is one of the few in the world with a working LTE network, [Smart's Chief Wireless Advisor Orlando B.] Vea believes that the New iPad could be made available locally sooner than expected." With the special emphasis on LTE in the announcement, it's natural to assume that Smart will also unveil the WiFi + LTE version of the iPad.

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We're expecting probably a mid-year availability of the LTE iPad from Smart. However, we're not betting it would get a huge following compared to its cheaper, non-4G sibling given that the local 4G LTE network is still in its infancy. Still, we'll welcome this with open arms.

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Check out the gallery below for photos of the 3rd-gen iPad

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