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4 Fantasy Gadgets for an even more Orgasmic 100 Sexiest Show Experience

Get to work, geniuses
by Gelo Gonzales | Jul 14, 2011
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Seeing all these FHM babes all under one roof for one spectacular night is fantasy made real. [firstpara] The FHM 100 Sexiest show, happening tonight, is an all-out babe-fest, and it’s something that any dude worth his salt wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Now, with the show’s promise to bring you a parade of hotties, a camera should definitely be gadget-numero-uno in your list of to-bring’s in the event. As we said in our survival guide, you won’t have to worry about any bouncers telling you off.

So whether it’s the camera on your phone, or them fancy-schmancy ones with all those anti-shake features, ultra-zoom capabilities, smile-recognition capability and whatnot, your fingers are bound to be dead tired after an entire night of snapping and clicking at all the wonderful sights you’ll spot during the show.

And then we asked ourselves: what other gadgets would make the 100 Sexiest even more awesome? Our minds went into overdrive mode, and eventually came up with these gadgets that we wish really did exist. If there’s anything to be learned here, it’s that our fantasies never do have a limit, don’t it?

1. The Babe Identifier
The pitch: Tired of having to constantly ask the guys around you who that babe on the stage is? Then the Babe Identifier is what you need. Like a pokedex, this gadget contains a database of ALL the women that have appeared in FHM.

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Simply point its built-in camera at the target, and you’ve got your answer. And not only does it identify the target, it also provides vital trivia that you can use to impress all those around you! Finally, you can now save yourself the trouble of having to ask “Uy, sino yan, sino yan?!” over and over and over again.

2. The Time Manipulator
The pitch: With a ton of babes waiting in line for their chance to shine on stage, the show has to keep on going. This means that, realistically, you only have less than a minute to ogle and inspect the womankind marching before your eyes.

And less than a minute is frankly too short for you to find definitive answers to such integral questions as “Was that a birthmark or a tattoo on her lower back?” or “Are those boobs real?” With the Time Manipulator, you can finally know for sure as it lets you slow down time to a crawl, thus buying you enough time to do a full inspection! Also works great for fast-forwarding babes you’re not too fond of!

3. Power-zoom Contact Lenses
The pitch: Why not simply buy a pair of binoculars, you ask? The answer is simple: binoculars makes you look like a creepy stalker dude waiting for your next door neighbor to change into her underwear. Unless you think being a creepy stalker dude is badass, then you’re better off with a pair of Power-zooms.

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Just slide it onto your eyeballs and you’re ready to zoom away. With its 1000x optical zoom, even if you found yourself in the farthest corner of World Trade Center, you’ll still be able to confirm if you indeed spotted some camel toe! Such ease!    

4. X-ray glasses
The pitch: Skimpy clothing not skimpy enough? String-thin thongs not doing it for you? Oh we know how much you’d love to see some nip-slip, but wardrobe malfunctions don’t seem to happen as frequently as you’d like it to happen. So for the man who’s disgusted with semi-nudity, and wants to literally see it all, these fabric-penetrating glasses are for you. Available in 5 different colors.

The prototype glasses were admittedly a bit too flashy.

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