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4 Ways this Sharp Thingimajig does to keep your pad clean!

<p>Breathe easy</p>
| Mar 4, 2010
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Plasmaclusterwhat? Ignoring the geeky name, Plasmacluster Ion (PCI) Technology is basically some high-tech air sanitizing technology applied by appliance giant Sharp to some of its products. [firstpara] Currently, Sharp is offering a PCI-equipped airconditioning unit and refrigerator, and specialized units for purifying the air in your entire house, for just the bedroom or kitchen, and a miniature one for your car.

But how does it work exactly? And what are its actual benefits?

We won’t claim to be an expert, but here’s the gist of how this newfangled technology works. First, the PCI-equipped air appliance produces naturally occurring and as Sharp claims it to be, safe positive and negative ions.

Those ions then purify around 99% of air impurities. How? Let’s take an airborne virus for instance. When two ions stick to the virus, they transform into something that is able to “draw out the hydrogen from the protein of the virus.”

Sharp explains that “as a result, protein (a vital component of the virus) from which hydrogen has been taken is degraded,” thus instantly removing the virus? Got all of that? If you didn’t, well just imagine that Plasmacluster Ion is some sort of high-tech gun that shoots down bacteria and viruses like a space-age Rambo.

Fortunately, one doesn’t have to understand the complex science behind it for you to experience its benefits. Here now are the four ways by which it helps make your home environment cleaner and healthier.

Less dust, less allergies
Even if you vacuum and sweep and Pledge your furniture to death, alikabok still occupies much of your home’s breathing space. A large percentage of dust never really settles on the ground or on the sofa and tables, choosing instead to float in the air and lie there.

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