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See, Feel, And Smell: Pinoy Movie Buffs, We Now Have Our Very Own 4DX Cinema!

As far as watching movies on the big screen goes, this is the most complete experience you'll ever get!
by Neps Firmalan | May 5, 2014
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3D and 4K ultra-definition: these visual niceties are awesome, but what we're about to show you is, well, awesomer! Pinoy movie buffs, we now have our very own 4DX cinema!

4D whut?

4DX is a term used to describe cinemas that go waaay beyond visuals. It's basically a collection of features that aim to involve more of our senses, not just our sight. The tech was developed by a South Korea-based company called CJ 4DPLEX. First introduced in 2009, it allows you to not only see the action but feel and—wait for it—smell it as well!

The video below explain things better:


This is for real, fellas! A 4DX cinema comes with seats that vibrate according to what's shown on the screen, environmental effects (e.g. jets of air and water, wind, fog, mist), strobe lighting, and vapors that let viewers smell scents (from a collection of 1,000 scents) as if they're right in the scene. That boombastic car explosion? Feel your seat vibrate as you smell burnt rubber in the air! Angas!

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And, as we've said, may 4DX cinema na tayo!

The newly-opened Bonifacio High Street Cinemas complex sports one such cinema, which is also currently the only one of its kind in the country. As for the first film to have 4DX glory on local shores? That distinction belongs to The Amazing Spiderman 2! Peter Parker would be proud.

4dx cinema philippines

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