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Pogi Tech: 5 Apps for a More Well-Groomed You

Breaking tech news: Your smartphone and tablets can now act as digital kikoy kits!
by Neps Firmalan | Mar 8, 2013
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Your smartphone experience is incomplete if you ain't got apps on board. And, in this day and age, you could also argue that they can help complete you as a man.

We're sensing raised eyebrows, puzzled looks, and brain cells saying "WTF?" on this one, so let us explain things. What we're getting at is that among the hundreds of thousands of apps available, there are a few that can help you look more suave and pogi. We've rounded up five prime specimens, the ones that can turn your handset into a digital kikoy kits, below for your perusal.

1. Men's Hairstyles

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How it makes you pogi: Men's Haistyles lets you try over 200 hairstyles virtually on your smartphone! Just take a photo of yourself, select the cut you want and, voila!, you already have an idea of how you look like if you're planning to get, say, a mohawk! And you can try beards and 'staches, too!
Get it: iTunes for $0.99 (around P40)

2. Beard Styles for Men

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How it makes you pogi: Beard Styles for Men serves video guides on how to maintain your balbas or bigote as well as tons of sample images of beards, goatees, mutton chops, and even soul patches for those planning to let some facial hair loose. Makes choosing between a bushy jaw ala Zach Galifaniakis of Hangover fame and a more trim scruffy look a whole lot easier!
Get it: Google Play for free

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