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5 Cool Techie Websites in Town

<p>Prepare for a massive dose of techie brainfreeze</p>
| May 20, 2010
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The thinking man's guide to purchasing a new gadget is simple: find out how much it costs and check if the user reviews are favorable. [firstpara] All techie websites are helpful in their own special kind of way, but we figured anyone could use a little more entertainment in their quest for the perfect gizmo, right?

Luckily, we found a special few that offers more than the usual techie website formula. Whether it's job openings, funny photos, or even hot girls in sexy outfits, you'll find them here. These are the very sites that help us make sure our very own Gadgets section is heavily packed on techie reviews.

Check out our list of the coolest techie websites in town:

1. Gizmodo, the Gadget Guide –
An online favorite, Gizmodo highlights not only the latest laptops and mobile phones available, but also presents the most interesting gadget-related news and features on the web.

When you need up to the minute information about the latest iPhone apps or even about Steve Jobs’ health, Gizmodo is the closest thing you’ll ever get to these kinds of information.

They even have the occasional goofs such as “25 Frightening Fast Food Futures” featuring mock artworks made by fans.

2. Techie –
A slang term similar to a “gadget wiz” or “gadget geek”, the word “techie” refers to someone who has dire interest and know-how in the world of widgets and technology. When the website officially launched some moons ago, many Pinoy techies were able to relate.

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Containing plenty of up-to-detail gadget reviews on its homepage, Techie also features interviews, movie and game reviews, online polls, and even a tech job section on the site.

Their blogs section is also a fan-favorite, bringing in tips ranging from the best Wi-Fi spots available to the best YouTube downloaders one can find online.

3. CgeNa –
Slowly but surely making its mark in the online world of gadgets, CgeNa has got quite a handful of original features in its website. Gaining recognition for the web for its fair share of gadget reviews, their webpage also has an online shop section and a price checklist menu that makes it easy and convenient for its visitors.

What caught our attention, however, is CgeNa’s “Techie Chic of the Month” section, where gorgeous babes are seen posing along with the month’s new gadget release. Just goes to show that hot women do dig techies. Pretty sweet!

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Words: Mikey Agulto
Image from Zoolander, Paramount Pictures (2001)

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