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5 Dude-Approved Home Appliances From Philips!

Because household chores done't have to be a pain in the behind
by Neps Firmalan | May 29, 2013
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Cheers to our bros who have the talent and balls to do household chores! Because it ain't easy, plus the impression that helping out in the cleanin' and cookin' might lead to an Andres de Saya tag. Saludo kami sa inyo, mga ser!

But forget about your man points going down. In this day and age, everyone should know a thing or two around the house. That, and we bet chicks dig guys who have clean cribs and can serve anything other than take-out. So turn over a new leaf, get off that couch, and let Philips help you get on the right foot courtesy of these five dude-approved home appliances that will make the usual gawaing bahay a lot easier, and maybe even fun!


1. Philips Jamie Oliver Hand Blender HR1680

philips dude-approved home appliancesRenowned chef Nancy Reyes-Lumen shows us what the device is all about

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For those asking, this portable little blender isn't powered by hand. It runs on a motora powerful one at that at 650Wand, yes, it comes highly recommended by Brit superstar chef Jamie Oliver, hence the name. So yeah, it has the goods to help you out in the kitchen.

Why it's Dude-Approved: Because even kitchen-dumb you can use it! Despite having more than enough pow to shred veggies and other food items, it comes in a size that lets you blend right inside bowls and pans. It also comes with a handy onions chopper for fast and easy chopping (look ma, no tears!) as well as a whisk for whipping mayo and cream. That last bit made our imaginations soar...


2. Philips Jamie Oliver Steamer HD9132

philips dude-approved home appliancesBig and powerful enough to cook a whole chicken, and more!

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Another device developed with the help of Chef Jamie, this steamer has the size and steaming power to cook meals quickly and easily, even for a whole group.

Why it's Dude-Approved: It uses no oils, only the power of steam, to cook! That means you eat healthier with less fat and with all the good stuff (e.g. vitamins and minerals) being infused evenly throughout the whole dish, making you less afraid that your imaginary abs will disappear. We're also told it cooks quickly, giving you more time for, say, admiring Jennylyn Mercado's curves!


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