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5 Features From The PS4's Upcoming Update 5.0

Greatness awaits
by Andrei Medina | Aug 11, 2017
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Sony had PlayStation 4 owners excited last month after they announced that firmware update 5.0 is soon under way. Despite this, there have been no follow-up statements on when the anticipated update will actually be released.

Fortunately for fans, Eurogamer was able to get a hold of the 5.0 changelog that details some of the upcoming changes. These reportedly include an exclusive feature for PS4 Pro owners, as well as major updates for parental and social settings. Check these out below:

1) Streaming 1080p at 60fps

PS4 Pro owners are in for a treat since update 5.0 will now enable them to stream their games on platforms like Twitch at 1080p and 60 frames per second. Too bad this new feature won’t be available for regular PS4s, at least not yet.

2) Social settings

Sony is slowly but surely starting to integrate social media features into the PlayStation Network. They’ve apparently added some social settings that allows users to follow other regular accounts. Of course, they’ll also be given the option to block those pesky users that annoy them in-game.

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3) Notifications Quick Menu

Want to check out your notifications without the hassle of heading all the way back to your Home screen? Say no more. With update 5.0, you can see all your notifications along with your uploads and downloads from your Quick Menu which can be accessed by holding the PS button.

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4) Family account settings

The family that plays together, pays together—well, sort of. The new feature basically gives parents more control over the accounts of their children. This includes certain restrictions on viewing various content that adults may find inappropriate for their youngsters. More importantly, this allows parents to set a spending limit to make sure their kids don’t go overboard when it comes to paying for games and overpriced DLCs.

5) Other minor changes 

These include trivial stuff like additional language support, seeing spectators’ comments in VR broadcasts and having push notifications during events.

So far, Sony has yet to announce when update 5.0 will actually be launched but they are expected to release a beta version sometime this August.


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