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Pure Gaming Weekend Ahead: 5 Must-Play Games

Goodbye real world!
by Gelo Gonzales | Mar 26, 2013
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The Holy Week holidays will have some of us beach-bound; some will be reuniting with relatives in the provinces; and a good few will be church-hopping. But for the type who thinks beaches are overrated, and whose relatives have all pretty much relocated to Manila, BUT absolutely loves games, the Lenten reprieve is a chance to catch up with our beloved hobby. It’s an opportunity to toss aside those popular casual tablet games for a solemn sit-down with games that demand a good ol’ screw-everything-else marathon.

Below are five of those:

Bioshock Infinite
2K Games/ PS3, Xbox 360, PC/ Released March 26, 2013

From the depths of the Atlantis-inspired world of Rapture in the original Bioshock, the series breaches the ocean’s surface and rockets straight to the stratosphere where the sky city of Columbia floats majestically.

Intact are the stand-out art direction, a compelling roster of characters, and the skills and power upgrades that have always been part of the Bioshock experience. You play as war-vet-turned-private-eye Booker DeWitt who’s been tasked with the rescue of the time-bending, physics-altering (and pretty!) Elizabeth. She ain’t just another damsel in distress though; her powers (teleportation, FTW) not only aid in Booker’s mission, they also inject your first-person shooting experience a refreshing shake-up.

Gears Of War: Judgment
Epic Games/ Xbox 360/ Released March 19, 2013

The most in-your-face franchise in this console generation, Gears of War, have witnessed its fair share of blood and gore—both from the human end and the alien Locust horde.

Yet we want more. And the guys at Epic Games giveth.

In this installment, we rewind back to the events prior to the hit 2006 original. Main man Marcus Fenix is pulled away from the spotlight, with other equally brusque (and equally admired) space marines, Damon Baird, August Cole, and newcomers Sofia Hendirk and Garron Paduk. Told in flashbacks, the game takes place in the early moments after the Locust horde had just emerged from their subterranean caves and the . Here we witness the series of crucial events that lead to humanity’s desperate plight in the later games.

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