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5 Games NOT to Play with the GF And 5 She'll Love

<p>Don't get caught playing Love Plus!</p>
by Gelo Gonzales | Apr 14, 2011
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Just as the Bermuda Triangle has continued to mystify the world, how you get your girlfriend to become interested in videogames still is a territory that many of us has yet to know.[firstpara]The root of the problem is that girlfriends look at games (especially the real awesome ones) like they were other hot girls. These games attract our attention, and the girlfriend just don’t like sharing that.

Most girls find it extremely hard to take that we’re twiddling with plastic joysticks, and pushing X, circle, triangle, and square-shaped buttons when there are other things we could be, um, twiddling with.

What we’re saying is, your girlfriend wants you to push her buttons, and play with her station, and not just your console.

Okay, so that might be taking it too far, but you get the point. Games grab our attention, girlfriend gets neglected. And as we said, the girlfriend just don’t like that brother.

You’ll never know just when a little game of NBA 2K11 for instance could turn into a messy argument. The messy argument could then lead to bigger things, like say, God forbid, a break-up. Gasp, right? But there is hope: another year, another batch of games.

And some of these games might just be the proverbial key to the videogame-hating girlfriend conundrum. Here are some of them, along with those you do NOT want to be playing when your girlfriend’s around.

PLAY: Little Big Planet 2 (PS3)

If there’s one thing that most girls would like to have as they grow older, it’s this: babies. And in Little Big Planet 2, the “sackboy” characters you control look like babies, only jumpier, and less crawli-er. If she doesn’t fall for the cuteness factor, don’t worry because Little Big Planet 2 is a fun, little bugger where you jump and run across colorful levels. With its level-creation tools, and a little creativity, you can even leave secret love notes for your girl to find. Sweet!

Your pitch: “Together, we’ll create our own world.”

DON’T PLAY: Yakuza 4 (PS3)

Yakuza 4 is kind of like Grand Theft Auto, only with more Japanese people. While she might like the fact that some of the characters in the game look like her favorite, androgynous-looking K-Pop “boys,” what she won’t like is the part where your character can go visit lady friends at hostess bars. Which is a fancy term for beerhouse.

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