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5 Geek Tips To Help Make Sure Your 2015 Goes Well

Here are the tech things you should get a move on this 2015! 
by Neps Firmalan | Jan 11, 2015
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Now that the holidays are over, you're probably easing yourself back into the daily grind with high hopes that this year will be better, thanks to your freshly-made New Year's resolutions. We hate to break it to you fellas but, no matter how many you make, you ain't gettin' shit done if you don't follow things up.

So ditch making resolutions and start actually doing somethingand a good place to start is with your tech. A big part of your everyday life depends on it, so much so that if it messes up, things can get from comfy to crazy in an instant. Yes, we've all been there.

With that in mind, why don't you start...


geek tips to start the year

You use them everydayfrom your smartphone to your notebook. But, do you really care about what happens to them? If you let the dirt, gunk, and other icky stuff accumulate, the day will come when your precious gadgets will suddenly stop workingand it's your damn fault. You don't want this to happen, do you?

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To get started, here are our guides on how to clean your gadgets.


geek tips to start the year

Your computer might be squeaky-clean outside, but who knows what kinds of nasties are in there. We're talking about malwarethose programs of doom that can slow down your rig or even render it unusable. Get that antivirus software updated and running and virtually scrub your computer's insides for better performance!

To get started, here's a guide on the different kinds of malware and why you should get rid of it.


geek tips to start the year

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In this age of digital dependence, a sucky Wi-Fi signal is all it takes for us to say #WorstDayEver. Here's a secret: You can actually do something about it, and you don't have to spend even a single peso! If you're able to improve your Wi-Fi signal now, then the rest of the year will undoubtedly be a tad better for your surfing needs (unless of course it's your ISP itself that went bonkers, then there's little you can do, but still...).

To get started, here's our guide on boosting your Wi-Fi signal DIY style.


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Who here wants to be the next Wally Bayola, scandal version? Hands? No one? We thought so. But, if you're careless, you might become just that even against your will or without your knowledge. Hackers are all around us, and a small security breach is all it takes to become the next star of (we just made that site up; no need to search, pervs).

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Just like with improving your Wi-Fi signal, there are many things you can do to hack-proof your digital lifeand you don't even have to be an IT expert. Fact is, it's more about being cautious than geeky.

To get started, here's our guide on hack-proofing yourself.


geek tips to start the year

A slow-but-not-old PC is one of our techie pet peeves for the simple reason that it's frustrating to use something you know can do much better. However, each computer gets slow in time, no matter how pimped out it is inside. But before you cryingly whip out your wallet, know this: It's not necessarily time to get a replacement. Maybe all you need to do is tweak a few things here and there and tune the whole thing up!

To get started, here's our guide on how to tune up your PC for better computing performance.

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