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5 Impressive Mobile World Congress 2016 Gizmos (That Are Not Smartphones)

In an event known for unveiling the latest smartphones, these 'non-handsets' managed to stand out
by Neps Firmalan | Mar 1, 2016
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As expected, the recently concluded Mobile World Congress 2016 (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain gave the whole world a glimpse of the future of mobile technology.

But while flagship wonders like the LG G5 and the Samsung Galaxy S7 received the most hype, the event—primarily a venue for big tech companies to showcase their latest smartphones—also managed to impress techies with several non-handset gizmos.

We have five such devices below which prove that the MWC, one of the biggest annual tech events in the world, is getting more better-rounded with each staging.

We mean, wouldn’t you want to have...

This rolling robot

Called the Rolling Bot for obvious reasons, this device will roll around, say, your house with you controlling the navigation via the G5. Aside from looking like the cousin of Star WarsBB-8 droid, it also comes with an 8-megapixel camera, a gyroscope, Internet connectivity, and remote access—meaning you can control it from outside the house, making it a surveillance gadget of sorts. Oh, it also has something that your cat will love: a laser frigging pointer.

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This next-gen toothbrush

Welcome to the future of dental care, in the form of Oral-B’s Genius toothbrush. Looking like the chubbier version of the one inside your bathroom, this device comes with sensors which let you know if your brushing duration meets the minimum length recommended by dentists (two minutes) as well as the areas of your mouth you might be missing and if you’re applying too much pressure. The Genius toothbrush displays all these details via your iPhone or Android device and, using your smartphone, can even track your hand’s movements.

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The world’s fastest microSD card

MWC 2016 also saw the unveiling of SanDisk’s Extreme Pro microSD card, which the company says delivers the world’s fastest data transfer speeds. Read speeds can reach 275MB/sec while write speeds top out at 100MB/sec—or about three times faster than other high-speed memory cards. Such speeds will come in handy when consuming large multimedia content, like 3D clips and 4K videos. The best part: It’s compatible with most devices that support microSD card storage.

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This intelligent wireless headphone set

Aiming to revolutionize the wireless earpiece game, Sony unveiled the Xperia Ear. While it won’t blow you away with its looks, it’s still a potential game-changer in its field. This diminutive thing allows you to control your smartphone without having to even look at it, thanks to voice commands a la Siri. So, for example, you want to send a message to your pals, you can just utter the commands and "tell" the Xperia Ear what to do and you’re good to go. Of course, the usual features (e.g. music playback, answering of voice calls, voice notifications) are part of the mix as well.

This complete VR set

We know, we know—virtual reality devices aren’t exactly new. But here’s the thing: HTC’s Vive VR set is looking pretty neat. Made in partnership with gaming company Valve, the device promises to give you the complete VR experience, coming with two wireless VR controllers, head-tracking sensors, a couple of VR titles, and even a camera for augmented reality-based apps and games. Heck, it even has a phone built into it, so you can kick some VR butt while answering a call or sending a text message.

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