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5 Manly Android Phones for You!

<p>Let's bust that 13-month!</p>
| Nov 25, 2010
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Aside from driving a handsome car, nothing is more masculine than wielding a good-looking gadget. Or, you can keep one in your pocket to give your ladylove the impression that you’re just “happy” to see her.

But why go Android? The Android mobile operating system is owned by Google. Who wouldn’t want a Google-powered device? Think how an Android mobile phone can easily integrate with existing Google products, such as Gmail, Google Maps, Google Talk, and Google Voice, among others.

The Android Market also has over 60,000 apps that you can download on your phone. Oh, and the full version of Angry Birds is available for free in the Android Market.

If you have your 13th month pay to spare, check out these Android mobile phones that not only look good, but have imposing features (read: like a super mini computer) to boot.


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