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5 million Samsung Galaxy Notes shipped in only 5 months

Good job, Sammy!
by Neps Firmalan | Mar 29, 2012
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Looks like the guys over at Samsung have another reason to celebrate as the Korean-titan has just announced that it has shipped 5 million Galaxy Notes in just 5 months or a million units every 30 days. Good job right there!

Let us clarify though that shipped doesn't necessarily mean sold so the number of GNotes that were actually purchased in the same amount of time might be a lot different. Still, 5 million is a darn big number so this feat is pretty impressive, one that didn't catch us by surprise. In case you didn't know, Sammy managed to ship 1 million units of its tablet/smartphone device by the end of December, less than 2 months from when it was unveiled.

We're not sure with the stats here in the Philippines but we think the GNote also has a bit of popularity here. We've already spent a lot of time with it before and we can say the stylus and S-Pen UI combo is a nice touch, complementing and improving the whole user experience. The device itself boasts impressive innards and specs with good overall build and feel.

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With this, the GNote should join Samsung's other bestsellers like the Galaxy S II . Now we're curious on how its larger 10.1-inch bro will fare.

Check out the gallery below for our Galaxy Note hands-on

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