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5 Movies We Want to Watch on an Ultra-HD TV

Forget 1080p, 4K is the new big thing!
by Neps Firmalan | Sep 9, 2013
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If you've been following the local tech scene recently, you'll see that good ol' Sony has been on a roll, releasing drool-worthy tech toys left and right that make us wish we have bottomless pockets. But the biggest onequite literallycame in just last week in the form of the company's newest 4K Bravia TV. Coming in at 55- and 65-inch flavors, it will blast your eyes with awesome visuals not even today's highly-touted Full HD 1080p displays can give.

sony bravia 4k tv philippines

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But first, a refresher on 4K tech. 4K or Ultra-High Definition is seen as the next big thing when it comes to boob tubes. It's the next step on the resolution ladder after Full HD which boasts 1080p resolution.

And what a huge step it is: It packs four times the pixels of Full HD, bringing the resolution count to an insane 3840 x 2160! The resulting visuals are sharp and of cinema-grade quality, wherein you can see the tiniest bit of detailfrom the scraps of metal flying after a grand explosion in a Michael Bay film to the pimples or tutsang of the on-screen hero (Hagrid, is that you?).


Anyone else here reminded of this song?

So that's why we're damn excited for 4K TVs. Companies like LG and Samsung have unveiled theirs locally, and it's now Sony's turn. With their new KD-X9004A lineup, we have a couple more displays to satiate one of our ultimate couch potato desires. But they're more than just about giving us ultra-definition; they pack a few more features that make them truly next-gen.

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Sony's KD-X9004A TVsdespite the rather unappealing code namehave what is called The Triluminos Feature which basically means it can churn out more color from the color spectrum. Deeper reds? Check. Brighter yellows? Check. A more realistic viewing experience? Check.

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