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Get Your Sh*t Together Using These 5 Organization And PA Apps

These are your digital deputies
by KC Calpo | Oct 6, 2017
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You’re probably reading this article in the middle of yet another long day at the office, or the usual punishing late-night (or early morning) commute. Maybe you’re having a temporary break from your deliverables and scattered scraps of paper holding your to-do lists. Your officemates are logging out by 6PM and you haven’t even gotten through half of your workload. But you worked through your lunch break for the nth time this month. Payday na ba?

If you’ve said any of these things to yourself, the situation’s dire AF. You’re not getting anything done at all, or you’re multitasking and not paying attention to the important stuff. Get your shit under control, and—because we’re all on our phones and online throughout the day, anyway—check out any or all of these five organization and personal-assistant apps. They’ll help sort out your tasks and deliverables, and make your professional life a lot easier from now on. We also made sure all of these apps are available for both iOS and Android users, so no one gets left out.

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For Ever

Yes, we know you already know about Evernote. But we still have to say it: after all these years, it’s still one of the best productivity apps. You can use it to take simple notes, or use Evernote’s templates for your meetings. You can also organize those notes into Notebooks and Tags—a much better strategy than relying on your memory, or paper you’ll just stack on your desk. And if your company has an Evernote for Business plan, the whole team can see what everyone’s working on, pool its resources, and effectively track ongoing projects.

Oh, and you can extend Evernote’s feature set with its associated apps:

Evernote’s free for personal use with a 60MB file-upload limit (Basic plan); and it has free Android and iOS apps, too. Plus, Premium and Business plans are at PhP550/year, PhP1,100/year, and US$120/year (around PhP6,000), respectively.

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Do anything

With the name, you’d think the app’s down for anything work-related that you have in mind. That’s true, at least when it comes to tasks and scheduling.

This spare and minimalist app keeps track of everything you need to do, and when you need to get it done. Its classic look makes you enjoy working! For Premium users, the service also syncs your data across multiple devices, and enables you to share lists and tasks with other people (among other benefits). And it has another perk available for early access: Assistant, which relies on artificial intelligence to do certain task items on your behalf.’s basic feature set is free for all users, and you can do your lists via its Android and iOS apps. Its premium plan has three variants: you can use it on one device for US$25.08/year (around PhP1,200), on multiple devices for US$26.88/year (around PhP1,300), or on unlimited devices for US$2.99/month (around PhP150).


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Hello to Trello

Trello’s also big on organization, and noticeably collaboration-friendly, but it takes several different approaches on other things—like using bulletin-board visuals for sharing tasks, info, materials, and schedules. But you can also go solo, and use it to plan whatever it is you have in mind, be it vacations or passion projects or rakets. You also get “power-ups” or account integration with other services (including the aforementioned Evernote)!

There are three user plans on Trello. The free one (which we like) is good for most users, with its unlimited boards/lists/cards/attachments/members, one Power-Up per board, and a 10MB file-attachment limit. But power users will need to upgrade to its Business or Enterprise plans, which have higher annual fees but fully maximize Trello’s feature set. Get Trello’s free Android and iOS apps from the respective app stores, and its Windows and Mac versions here.

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If... then...

We reviewed IFTTT way back in 2012, and even then we liked it for its simplicity and convenience. And also, it was 100% free. Five years on, it’s still free, added an entire trove of services to its catalog (550 as of September 2017!!!), and has matured into an entire automation platform covering anything from social media to smart hubs, appliances, and even weather reports. Its terminology has changed, too: Recipes are now Applets, and associated services are now, well, Services.

The premise, however, remains the same: users can set up Applets so that if they do something on one of their connected accounts, then something happens as a result. For example: if I post a photo on Instagram, then that photo also gets posted on Twitter, with the same caption. Nice and easy, right?

The best part is people in any industry can set up their own Applets and let IFTTT do the work every time. Social media managers have so many Applet/Service combinations to use, and a quick search for “work” led to some interesting combos too. Too bad it can’t support multiple accounts for Services, though. Sign up for an account on the IFTTT website, and get its Android and iOS accounts for free too.

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Drop it like it’s hot

Like Trello, DropTask goes for the visual way of helping you sort out your work life. It kinda reminds us a bit of mind-mapping. DropTask enables its users and teams to work together on projects, keep communications within the platform with onboard file-sharing and messaging, uses ubiquitous services like Evernote/Google Drive/Calendar/Gmail for data integration, and does time management really well.

The music sucks, but the video covers the basics.

You can already get a lot done with a free DropTask account, but Business users have to shell out US$99/year, or US$8.25/month to get the full feature set. That’ll be around PhP5,000 annually, or PhP420 per month. And again, like Trello, DropTask is available both for Android and iOS, as well as Windows and Mac desktop users—get the apps here.


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