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5 Solid Portable Drives For Major Storage Needs
Start saving up, hardcore file hoarders
by Ed Geronia Jr. | Mar 22, 2017
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Internet speeds in the country may have not yet reach the levels of South Korea, Norway or Hong Kong in terms of average internet speed, but thankfully, telcos have been improving their services. The upside of this is downloading which now now takes minutes and hours instead of days. It’s now easy to accumulate several gigabytes of files from a few days worth of downloads. Never mind if you don’t have time to watch it all in one go. That’s what binge-watching weekends are for. Either that or you’re too cheap to get a subscription to a streaming service.

The question is: where to store all those files? Sure you can use your desktop or laptop computer, but if you are using it both for home or office, it’ll likely to be filled up. External storage solutions are the way to go and the you might be surprised that you don’t have to break the bank for a portable HDD. We’ve searched for the best options for personal storage solutions and here’s what’s out there.

Rough and Rugged

If you’re a bit of a klutz, or maybe just handle things a little rough, the LaCie Rugged Mini lives up to its name. For starters, it looks the part. This mini 2.5-inch portable hard drive is encased in a shock-proof orange rubber bumper. Perfect for seeing it immediately when you’ve dropped it on the floor. It can withstand being run over by a car that’s as heavy as one ton. To make sure your digital stash is safe, LaCie also made the Rugged Mini splash and rain-resistant.  For added protection, the hard drive is designed to survive a drop from a height of four feet. There’s an included software for automated backups and password protection with tough to crack AES 256-bit encryption.

Capacity/Interface: 1TB/USB 3.0
Price: P6,799

Sleek and Slim

Seagate’s Ultra Slim portable hard drive is for the stylish set. If you’re tired of the usual black, it’s so stylish in fact that it comes in two colors: platinum and gold. Maybe people will have an idea how precious your files are. Not that the drive will already be a standout with its unique dimpled design. Available in 1 and 2TB capacity,  the Ultra Slim does not compromise form and functionality. Seagate advertises it as one of its most slimmest drives at 9.6 mm. It certainly easy to slip inside your pocket.

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Capacity/Interface: 1TB/USB 3.0
Price: P3,999



Small and Speedy

If you want a high-performance and ultra-compact storage solution, Lexar’s Portable SSD fits the bill. Using solid state drive technology, the Portable SSD is a premium storage option that does not compromise speed, reliability, durability, and size. The Portable SSD is just slightly bigger than a matchbox so it really delivers on its promise of portability. In terms of speed, it can go up to six times faster than disc-based external hard drives. That feature really comes handy when you need to copy files really fast from your office computer before your boss arrives.

Capacity/Interface: 512GB/USB 3.0
Price: P9,999

Mobile and Wireless

Wires can be a hassle. Sometimes you end up bringing the wrong cables or forget the altogether. The My Passport Wireless portable drive from Western Digital can wirelessly connect to eight devices. A built-in rechargeable battery gives it up to six hours of continuous video streaming and twenty hour of standby time. This makes it one of the smallest and portable media and file server. An SD card slot also make back ups and transfers from cameras a breeze. Because of the wireless connection, you can also offload your smartphone and tablet files to the hard drive via WiFi.

Capacity/Interface: 1TB/WiFi, USB3.0, SD card slot
Price: P8,800

Mini and Massive

Nothing says serious downloader than a massive hard drive. A few years ago, you needed to get a desktop model if you wanted 4 terabytes of space. Seagate’s Backup Plus Portable Drive offers gargantuan capacity but in the form factor of a standard portable drive. Through the miracle of technology, you can now have 4TB of data in your hand. Even avid torrenters will take a while to fill this drive up. The Backup Plus drive is available in four colors with free 200 GB of cloud storage.

Capacity/Interface: 4TB/USB3.0
Price: P8,000


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