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5 Reasons Chicks Will Dig Electric Scooters

This time around, it's okay to be green-minded
by Neps Firmalan | Oct 10, 2012
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The so-called green trend has slowly but surely gaining steam, much to the delight of tree-huggers all over the Earth. From paper bags issued at your suking supermarkets to next-gen hybrid cars like the Prius selling like milk teas (sorry but hotcakes, are just so outdated), we're increasingly feeling the green-living influence. And, guess what? Motorcycles with Mother Nature's stamp of approval are all also set to make more appearances here.

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Terra Motors CEO Toru Tokushige posing with his electric bikes.

Enter Terra Motors, the numero uno manufacturer of electric scooters in Japan. The company has recently decided to expand its operations from the Land of the Rising Sun to other Asian countries, including the Philippines. And to show it's serious about expanding, Terra Motors says that, in a few years, it might even build a factory here.

To start things off, Terra Motors is planning to offer the Bizmo, a single-seater electric scooter that has a top speed of 60kph and can cover up to 100km with a single charge. Not bad, right? CEO Toru Tokushige is also saying its electric tricycles will hopefully soon follow, with the help of the Asian Development Bank.

Obviously, there's a bit of science behind electric scooters, but we won't go deep into that. Instead, we'll show you a few simple reasons why you should be excited about hopping on one, and why chicks might dig this environment-friendly ride. Check out the gallery below!

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Note: There are no official local SRPs yet but the Bizmo currently sells for about $1,500 (P62,000) in Japan

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