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5 Simple Battery-saving Tips For Your Smartphone!

Nobody likes being 'lowbat'
by Neps Firmalan | Aug 8, 2012
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Today's smartphones are choc-full of features. You've got great displays, instant connectivity, gaming, and touch input, just to name a few. And, apps. Don't forget the apps. In other words, the handsets we currently have would kick those from the 90s in the behind in sheer functionality.

But, obsolete as they may be, their lolos from the past decades have an advantage in terms of the very thing a smartphone relies on to work: the battery. No, they didn't have more juice but, back then, it's normal to have a mobile phone that lasts 3 days or more on a single charge. Now, some Androids have a hard time passing the 24-hour mark. Simplicity at its best! Oh how we miss the good ol' 3310.

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But, don't fret, bud. Fortunately, there are easy ways for you to make that dandy, feature-packed smartphone of yours last longer than usual. Here are several of 'em because, hey, those cool features are almost worthless if your handset is always lowbat, right?

Tip 1: Kill apps responsively

Apps are great and make the whole smartphone experience even better. Problem is, apps can also turn your smartphone into one power-hungry machine if many of them are running simultaneously. To prevent this, kill those apps (like games, for example) when you don't have any immediate use for them. And no, we're not talking about simply exiting since this action doesn't necessarily shut an app down.

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For iOS users, double click on the Home button, doing so will show a row of icons on the bottom of the screen showing apps that have most recently been opened. Press and hold on an icon for about 1 second and it will close the app it's associated to. For Android users, go to Settings, then Applications, then under Running Services you'll see currently opened apps, plus the option to shut them down.

Tip 2: Easy on the display

The display is easily one of the largest and most visible part of a smartphone so it goes without saying it also consumes a huge chunk of the power. We recommend adjusting the brightness to low or mid instead of high by going to your phone's Settings menu to help give your battery a break. Following this could significantly improve the performance of you battery.

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