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Using Cellphones Can Lead To Cancer—And Other Tech Myths Debunked

The truth behind the world's most famous tech hoaxes
by Tanya Umali | Nov 12, 2016
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As we are surrounded by technology, we should be aware of its uses and functions in our daily lives. You won’t be able to use a certain device, after all, without knowing its ins and outs. Also, we need know the advantages and disadvantages which our devices hold. Though technology has been helpful, we’ve been misled about its supposed potential risks and downsides.

Here are some tech rumors which we’re sure you’ve heard of and believed to be true:

1) Macs are virus-proof
Back in 2012, Apple  claimed that "A Mac isn't susceptible to the thousands of viruses plaguing Windows-based computers." This statement has ever since been misunderstood by most people. What it really means is, a Mac doesn’t get the same viruses that a Windows-operated PC gets. 

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2) Leaving your device plugged in will damage the battery
This is true for phones with older models and have older batteries. However, newer phones are built differently. Now, handsets are built with smart lithium-ion batteries. This means your phone can automatically detect when the battery is fully charged. Once it's juiced up, the charging process will stop even without unplugging your phone.


3) World Wide Web is synonymous with internet
You might be thinking that these two are the same and for sure, you’ve used them interchangeably. Little did we all know these two are entirely different. The Internet was founded in 1958 and is made up of hardware and software that are linked together to create one system. The World Wide Web, on the other hand, was founded in 1989 and is used to transmit data through URLs. That’s why websites have “www” before the domain name. In short, the Internet is a much bigger system where the World Wide Web is a part of.

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4) Cellphones are dangerous to use at gas stations
You’ve probably noticed signs in a gas station saying that cellphones are not allowed or should be turned off. Though our phones’ radiation could possibly ignite a spark while you’re gassing up, there are no proven incidents yet which state otherwise. There’s a higher possibility of getting into an accident when you’re using your phone while driving than when you’re using your phone while filling up your tank with gas. If this were true, then majority of the human population, including doctors, should be in the hospital by now fighting for their lives. Just because your phone emits radiation, doesn’t mean you’d get cancer.

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