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5 Techie Ways to Help You Woo that Special Someone

<p>Love, geek-style</p>
by Gelo Gonzales | Feb 10, 2011
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Ah, Valentine’s Day, the day thought to be the most romantic of the year, the day when couples go out of their way to do more lovin’ lovin’ than the usual to celebrate the occasion *wink*. [firstpara]

Undeniably, it’s also the time when singles could feel the most left-out, with no special someone to share the special day with.

For guys (and gals) who are just on the courtship stage, this could be the make or break period and the tools they use will determine if the next few months will be hot or cold ones.

The old reliables (flowers, dates, chocolates, Harana, etc.) are always worthy of a try. But last we checked, it’s already 2011.

This means there are other tools you can use to win her heart. Call them unconventional, even nerdy, but if you’re as desperate as a cat trying to get out of the rain, then there’s no harm in using them. So, here are 5 techie ways that can help you in courtship.

1. Smartphone Apps
In case you’ve finally given up being a hermit, smartphones are the big thing nowadays. The Apple iPhone and Androids rule the roost. What’s particularly impressive about them is the wide variety of apps you can download for a variety of reason and, yes, there are plenty for dating, love and courtship. Some operate in simple ways like showing random hearts while others are higher in the cheesy scale like the ones that produce pick-up lines and love quotes on the fly. There are also some apps that help you find the perfect dating spot. Nifty, eh?

2. Social Networking Sites
Got that special someone on your friends list on Facebook? Why don’t you try to woo him/her in cyberspace as in real-life? There are tons of features you can use, like the mundane PMs, comments and pokes to social-networking love apps that let you show how you feel (or shower them with gifts). The idea here is to show that you’re someone who cares and is always there, even virtually. We have to warn you, though, that moderation is always key.

3. Videos
Remember the popular mix tapes of the 90s? Well, they’ve been revived into something cooler – videos! Now you can make short clips using cameras, even camphones and simple editing tools. Just shoot a video about the person you’re dating, splash in some cheesy dialogue and romantic tunes… you get the drift? Posting it online is another question but if you’re up to it and you feel he/she will appreciate it, then, go ahead. The important thing is to express your love, impressive if in HD or 3D.   

4. Electronic Harana
The Harana, an old-time fave when it comes to courtship here in the Philippines. If you want to spice it up a bit, you can use a more electronic approach. Using tech tools (synthesizers, effects, recorders, etc.), audio software, a bit of editing skills, and, of course, your voice, you can make really good pieces. Throw in your old-school acoustic guitar into the mix and next thing you’ll know you’re already singing a duet with that special person.

5. Stay connected
If you’re doing some long-distance courtship, then staying connected via the web is of great importance. There are tons of services you can use like VoIP [voice over Internet protocol] tools like Skype to chat services like the ever-reliable Yahoo! Messenger. And oh, there’s the webcam too to add a bit more spice and personal touch to your efforts.

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