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5 Ways To Breathe New Life Into Your Aging Laptop

How to squeeze the juice out of your old laptop to the last drop
by Tanya Umali | Nov 10, 2016
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Your gadgets, especially cellphones and laptops, are not built to last. However, cellphones are easy to replace while laptops are a bit more complicated to just throw away because they're expensive.

So, how do you prevent them from easily conking out?

To prolong your laptop's lifespan, it's imperative that you know how to properly clean and maintain it. Unlike cellphones, your laptop has a lot of complicated parts that are difficult to understand. You can't just simply delete old photos or files and use a boosting app to speed up your laptop's processor.

Let us show you a few pointers to make your laptop run like new again. But first, make sure to back-up your files. You wouldn't want to lose any precious data in case you accidentaly delete anything.

Now, here are a few laptop-care tips which you can follow:

1) Clean your hardware

Your room isn't the only thing you should be cleaning. Like everything else around you, your laptop accumulates dirt and dust. It doesn't necessarily slow down your device, but it will definitely destroy important internal parts over time. Apart from that, your laptop has a higher chance of overheating if you decide to leave the dirt trapped in between tight internal spaces such as in between the CPU or cooling fans.

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We suggest you to do this only if you have the proper tools to open your laptop and if you have the confidence to assemble it again afterwards. If not, then ask a technician to clean it for you. 

2) Uninstall unwanted files

You're bound to have a ton of junk files hidden in the depths of your laptop. You get them not just by downloading files but also from browsing the internet, receiving pop-up ads, and the like.

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But deleting unwanted files is more complicated than just putting them in the recycle bin and emptying it afterwards.

You can install cleaning softwares such as CCleaner (yes, the same one you can install on your smartphone) or Wipe File. These softwares will permanently delete the file and other sub-files that come with it.


3) Defragment from time-to-time

Defragmenting, more commonly known as defrag, is a step you can use to squeeze files (which you refuse to delete or you're too lazy to do so) together to push more space within your laptop's hard drive.

Just search "optimize" or "defrag", select your hard drive then click analyze.

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To start the defrag process, just click optimize.

4) Add memory

Instead of replacing your laptop, why not just add memory to boost its performance? Installing additional RAM, let's say 1 GB, is cheap.

Find out how much memory you could add to your laptop and ask a technician to install it for you.

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5) Reinstall Windows

Now, this is a last resort. It isn't the best solution, but it could help your laptop to feel brand spanking new. The best way to do this is to make use of your system-restore file installed in your device.

After doing so, you'll notice that your laptop will function the same way it did when you first bought it.


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