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Techie-Pid: 5 Simple Ways To Make Your Prepaid Load Last Longer

Your phone's just an empty shell without it
by Neps Firmalan | Nov 12, 2013
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Ah, load. It's the lifeblood of every prepaid user's mobile experience. Also called prepaid credits or simply credits, it lets us do the very things we bought a smartphone for in the first place: call, text, surf, and even download. In other words, your handset is pretty much worthless without it.

ways to conserve prepaid loadWhen your girlfriend texts and you learn
you're out of load while in the middle of nowhere

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Despite its obvious importance however, many of us still have a hard time maximizing it. Sometimes, we find ourselves scurrying to the nearest tindahan or loading station because we suddenly ran out of load. What's bad is if these go-to establishments have already called it a day or, for some reason, their loading service isn't working. Bummer, right?

Makes you mumble "Sana napatagal ko ang load ko..."

Well, you could avoid this from ever happening again if you follow the simple tips below. Just ask your super-tipid-bordering-on-kuripot-friend, we bet he or she does a couple or so of these already.

TIPID TIP #1: Subscribe to prepaid call and text promos

how to conserve your load  "We got you covered, bro"

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This is the most obvious step if you don't want to frequently be at zero balance. Our dear telcos have them in spades. For example, Globe has the GoUnli25 promo which lets you enjoy unli calls and texts to Globe and TM users for only P25 a day. On the other hand, one of Smart's pambatos is the All Text 15 promo, good for 150 texts and five minutes worth of calls to Smart and TNT numbers at only P15 a day. Pwede, di ba?

TIPID TIP #2: Turn off data services

The problem with using prepaid credits for mobile surfing is, if left unchecked, it will suck your phone's credit reservoir dry. It's not that cheap either; the standard rate for Globe and Smart is P5 for 15 minutes. Just imagine if you weren't able to turn it off for a few hours and an app suddenly needed to connect to the web or you left your mobile FB on. #NgaNga

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how to conserve prepaid load

So, do yourself a favor, bud. Shut down your phone's data connectivity to make sure you're not wasting virtual pesos or, if you really need to go online, keep it short and make sure you switch it off after. After all, it's easy: just go to your phone's settings menu and click on the mobile connectivity tab.

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Now, if you're the type who needs to be always in the loop, the next tipid tip's for you...

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