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5G Internet Now In The Philippines! Check Out The Insane Download Speeds!

Because apparently, 4G LTE is oh-so last year!
by Neps Firmalan | Aug 15, 2014
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We know our country's Internet connectivity has been getting loads of bad rep lately, so when we heard this news, we immediately thought "Whoa, 'di nga?": Geeks, we just got word that Smart Communications now has blazing-fast 5G running on its network!

We were about to do this...

smart 5gGIF via

...but then it hit us: What the hell is 5G?

smart 5gGIF via

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5G is actually a term for LTE-A or Advanced Long Term Evolution, and Smart says they're the first one to formally announce it locally. In simpler terms, it's a wireless connectivity standard that enables brain-numbing Internet speeds of between 100Mbps to a whoppin' 1Gbps. Think of it as 4G LTE (which is still quite new and enables not-too-shabby speeds of 40 to 80Mbps) on steroids. Yowzah!

smart 5gImage via Smart Communications

We guess we can say Pinas is officially in 5G territory! But there's a catch: Smart also told us that their 5G service is not yet commercially available. Why? Because they're still waiting for 5G-compatible gadgets to arrive here (e.g. next-gen tablets and smartphones). #MakesSense

But hey, at least we can now say it's just a matter of time. While we wait though, allow us to put in better perspective just how fast 5G Internet is. Using online download time calculators, below is how fast you can DL stuff with 5G!

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(Note: The DL times are based on mid-range 4G [20Mbps] and 5G [200Mbps] speeds)


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4G: One hour and 10 minutes

5G: Seven minutes


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4G: One hour and 47 minutes

5G: 10 minutes and 50 seconds

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4G: Two seconds 

5G: Less than half a second

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