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6 Reasons Why WD's My Passport Wireless Should Be Your Next External Hard Drive

Shut up, WD, and take our money!
by Neps Firmalan | Dec 14, 2014
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In this age of digital dependence, one simple mistake could spell doom to a huge part of a person's virtual life. This is the biggest reason why a backup plan in the form of external hard drives is a must. How many times have you wished you didn't eff up by accidentally deleting an important file? Too many, in our case.

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This is also the driving force behind the rampant proliferation of EHDs. The thing is, it's not just about the storage capacity anymore. This we learned after we played around with this thingamajig:

wd my passport wireless

That, fellow geeks, is WD's new My Passport Wireless external hard drive. The darn thing impressed useven if we think storage devices are among the least sexy of tech toysso much so that comparing our old one to it is like pitting two gadgets that are a decade apart.

For those in the market for a new EHD, here's a bold proclamation: You won't go wrong if you choose this one (or something like it)! Here are six reasons why...


With up to two friggin' terabytes of storage, the My Passport Wireless has enough space to accommodate the heap of multimedia files that are crowding your desktop rig or laptop.

Digital pack rats, rejoice!


wd my passport wireless

With this bad boy, gone are the days when you were at the mercy of wires. Its Wireless N technology allows you to store and transfer files to/from it in a jiffy! Sure, wireless connectivity isn't a rare feature in EHDs anymore, but how many connects to up to five devices simultaneously?

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Measuring less than an inch thick and 3.4 inches wide, the My Passport Wireless is the sexier younger sibling of yesteryear's gargantuan EHDs. It also weighs only about a third of a kilo so it won't weigh you down if you have it in your jeans' pocket (yes, it fits nicely in there!).

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wd my passport wireless
The My Passport Wireless comes with a handy SD card slot. So, whenever you're in the field with a camera, you can easily back up your videos and photos simply by inserting the SD card into this next-gen EHD. No need for a computer to the trick, fellas!


Another geeky trick that got our approval: video streaming! The My Passport Wireless also connects to Wi-Fi-capable TVs and media players so you can directly stream photos and videos from it onto the screen. Convenience FTW!


wd my passport wireless

Because nobody wants to be the next #TheFappening victim, WD equipped the My Passport Wireless with lockdown security features such as password lock for every file you store inside it and a Device Lock option for preventing unwanted access from would-be thieves.

The WD My Passport Wireless is now available locally for P7,590 (500GB), P9,590 (1TB), and P11,990 (2TB)

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