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Oh Hell No: 7 Apps That Give Us The Creeps

No matter how hard you push us, we won't press "download"
by Neps Firmalan | Jul 18, 2013
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Apps: You gotta love 'em. From helping you get to your bro's crib to giving you oodles of virtual joy, they've covered pretty much all your mobile needs.

Yep, apps are great. But since there are a gazillion of them ready to be DL'ed, there are bound to be a few that are more miss than hit. And out of these misses are some really creepy ones, which we, no matter how much peer pressure you subject us to, won't download, ever.

Check out some of 'em below to see why it'll never get near our smartphone and tablets.

1. Make a Baby!

really creepy apps
What it is: Make a Baby is an Android and iOS app that tries to predict what your future baby will look like using a photo of you and your significant other.

Why it's creepy: The goal sounds harmless enough, until you see some of the test shots, like the one below.

really creepy apps
And to think they used those as preview shots on the app's site!
Don't get us wrong; we like them little tots to bits. But the sample shots just creep the heck out of us. Lastly, based on the app's rating and latest reviews, it seems we're not the only ones who are uninterested.

Avoid it, unless: You're in it just for laughs or if you and your partner have genes godly enough to produce an app result close to looking human. Given its track record though, even Brangelina's DNAs might not be enough...

2.  Breakup Notifier

really creepy apps
What it is: A Facebook app, Breakup Notifier lets you know if one of your online friends is now single and (possibly) ready to mingle.

Why it's creepy: Seriously, an app that tells you who fell out of a relationship? It's like inviting digital stalkers to polish their sleazy ninja moves.

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Avoid it, unless: You're just a harmless, sensitive do-gooder who knows the heartache that breakups entail. This app will tell you who might need hugs (of the harmless kind).

3. Sort Me Out

really creepy apps
What it is: Sort Me Out is an app that sort of previews how your Facebook profile will look like "50 years from now."

Why it's creepy: This app actually has the noble goal of making us aware of what Alzheimer's can do, and it does the trick by gradually deleting your Facebook info. First, your friends, then your photos. Soon, most of your profile is gone, giving you a feel of what it's like to have the degenerative disease. Again, a noble intent, but seeing your online identity slowly evaporate is nothing short of bizarre.

Avoid it, unless: You're really into spreading the word about Alzheimer's, and you can get your profile deets back in a jiffy.

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