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Tech Lovin': 7 Sex Apps To Help You Score Better In Bed

Feel that you have the sexual performance of a tired, old man? Don't fret, horny bros! Get your smartphones and tablets ready and DL these apps that might just help you out of the bedroom rut!
by Neps Firmalan | Mar 14, 2014
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Afraid that your sexual performance sucks? Don't worry, horny bros: There's an app for that.

Or, more specifically, there are apps for that.

And no, we ain't talking about the usual sex game apps (although they're loads of fun). We're talking about the ones that can actually teach or help you pleasure your partner better. We list down seven of these apps for improving your bedroom score. DL now and be on your way to being a true stud!


sex apps for better sex
Forget what porn movies and TV shows tell you: there are other sex positions other than doggy style, missionary, and woman-on-top. And it will do your intimacy good to learn more because, well, girls don't exactly like boring, repetitive sex.

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Enter iKamasutra, a nifty little app that packs a list of over a hundred different sex positionsmost of which we bet the normal dude doesn't even think is possibleand tells you how to do each one. So don't you worry about your beer belly and stiff bod, we're pretty sure there will be dozens that will suit you. And oh, there's a rating system, too! The more positions you master, the faster you can get from being a "Novice" to a "Kamasutra Grand Master." Now that's a title worthy of its own pickup line!

Get it: Google Play for P146.48


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Yes, this is an app about numbers and figures...of a different kind. Spreadsheets is an app that tracks your sexual performance by measuring how loud you are, how often you have sex, andwait for itthe number of thrusts you make! By golly, that's one naughty app right there!

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One thing you must know: this app doesn't really give you tips. Still, it can help you improve your performance by giving you your own set of sex statswhich we bet, given our competitive nature, we'd like to improve on as if we're in some kind of a naughty game. There's also a point system where you score more by doing different kinky things, like doing the deed for 40 minutes. Challenge accepted, bros?

Get it: iTunes for $0.99 (P44.24)


sex apps for better sex
Don't wait for your gal to point out your sex mistakes, let a friggin' app do it for you! With Sex Mistakes, you'll be shown the common sex boo-boos committed by both men and women. It's almost like reading a column where sexual grievances are written downonly this time around, it's being updated! Yes, if you're up to it, you can contribute your own "Don't do this" sex tip, and consequently help others avoid a mistake-ridden humpfest.

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Get it: Free on Google Play

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