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Because It's Your Precious: 7 Apps For Finding Your Missing Smartphone

We've all experienced it: that mini heart attack when you find out your phone's missing. All's not lost bro, especially if you have these godsend apps!
by KC Calpo | Oct 1, 2014
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We've all been there. At some point in our lives, and despite all the precautions we take, we've lost our mobile phones and/or had it stolen from us. It sucks, and we hope you do regular data backups (and wipeouts of sensitive material; huwag na mag-deny) just in case.

And it seems we're all in the same big shitty boat: according to the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC), around 2,500 phones were reported lost or stolen within a six-month period (January-June 2014). This is where we'd like to point out we're damn grateful there are apps for every-freakin'-thing, even though choosing which ones to use can be a confusing ordeal.

apps for finding your lost phone

And because we understand that mini heart attack you experience whenever you make kapa on your pocket and feel that it doesn't have its usual passenger, your phone, we decided to do you guys a favor. Check out below, a list of apps that will tell you “we got this”; and will track, ring up, and lock your beloved smartphone. Some of them can even erase all your data remotely, giving the robbers absolutely nothing on you! #ByeByeBlackMail

Read on and be more prepared when when the unimaginable happens. Also, don't forget to file a complaint with the NTC if your smartphone is stolen (here's how), mmkay?


Video via lookoutmobile

Most know about Lookout Mobile Security's virus-scanning and data-backup capabilities, but this app can also tell you where your device is via Locate & Scream (audio alert) and Signal Flare (location saving). It's free by default but paying more for a premium account nets you perks such as Theft Alerts (with a photo and current location of the thief!), Lock & Wipe (for locking and data deleting).

Get it: Free on iTunes and Google Play, going premium will cost $3 (around P145) a month

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apps for finding your lost phone

It was one of the first apps to offer device tracking, and it remains one of the most reliable for Android users. Where's My Droid tells you where your phone is by making it ring or vibrate, and using location alerts via GPS. It even gives you control of app functions through SMS. Those who opt for the Pro Plan also get remote device locking and data- and SIM-wiping, and goes as far as preventing the app from being uninstalled.

Get it: Free on Google Play, Pro Plan: $3.99 (around P180) a month


apps for finding your lost phone

A software brand name we normally associate with desktops and laptops is also making a play on mobile. And while AVG offers apps for iOS and Windows Phone users, it's the Antivirus version for Android that got our full attention. It locates and locks devices, and can get real loud when you're looking for it. Getting the Pro suite locks up your SIM and will give you the thieves' “selfies," too. Post 'em on Facebook and watch all hell break loose on their poor asses. How's that for payback?

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