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7 Essential Gadgets For Your Next Great Outdoor Adventure

Get out and tech out!
by KC Calpo | Apr 16, 2018
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The days seem to go much longer, you sweat even before you step out of the bathroom, and you feel like you’re being fried whenever you’re outside. Yes, summer’s definitely here!

But unlike other people who seek out the nearest airconditioned room and stay there until the moonrise, you want to stay outdoors—and spend your free time exploring and getting fit. We suggest getting these seven gadgets for yourself before you go. Remember, you may be outdoorsy, but you’re not a caveman!

It’s a sign

The word “tool” can be used as an insult, but we always think of actual tools first. And for multitools... the more, the merrier! While we gave our heart first to Leatherman’s Tread bracelet, its Signal multitool comes in at a close second. It packs in an amazing 19 tools in its tiny frame, including a serrated blade, can and bottle opener, carabiner, safety whistle, and a ferrocerium rod for starting campfires.

Buy your new multitool from local distro Hahn Manila for P8,069.

Here comes the sun

...which means it’s time to a.) wear sunscreen, and b.) lay out your Anker Powerport Solar Charger!  You’ll be able to recharge your mobile gadgets via its two USB ports, it’s small and won’t weigh down your pack, it charges your gadgets quickly (via PowerIQ), and has built-in protection from power surges and short circuits.

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Inquire with Anker Philippines and/or its authorized resellers regarding local price and availability. You can also purchase the Powerport Solar on Amazon for US$65.99 (around P3,430) without shipping fees factored in yet.

For the new legend

Going on an adventure’s always nice, but admit it, it’s also great to show off raw footage of your accomplishments when you get home. If you don’t have an action camera yet, SJCAM’s SJ6 Legend is an excellent option. With this super-small high-def cam, you can shoot 4K videos and 16MP photos, make sure they’re steady with gyro stabilization, and review them through its 2” LCD touch display. Got an external mic, or wanna use a remote with it? The SJ6 accommodates them as well.

Wanna be a legend with this Legend? Go to Henry’s Camera and CameraHaus. Henry’s Camera sells it for P8,500 (with freebies!), and CameraHaus prices it a bit higher at P8,997.


Pack this

Just because it’s summer season doesn’t mean you’ll be all hot and sweaty all the time. There will be rains, too. And if you’re ever caught outdoors during one of these surprise (and sometimes, long and strong) rainshowers, you’ll be happy to have placed your stuff in something like the Boreas Monterey Weatherproof Pack. It fits everything in with 35 liters’ worth of space, and you won’t have any problems with both wet and dry gear in there.

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Buy the Monterey pack from the Boreas website for US$164.99 (around P8,595) without shipping fees. You can also visit Tripologie at Eastwood Mall, or ask its local distro Jake Bros regarding availability and price.

Wi-Fi in the wild

If you can’t stomach the idea of being internet-free while adventuring, buy the TP-Link M7450 300Mbps LTE-Advanced Mobile Wi-Fi Router before your departure date. Its internal 3000mAh battery gets you on the grid for an estimated 15 hours, offers fast connectivity, and enables up to a whopping 32 devices to connect to it at the same time. Just make sure you limit your internet use, okay? Don’t forget to actually enjoy the outdoors!

Contact TP-Link Philippines for price and availability. We also found three online listings for it: two on Lazada (for P5,645 and P5,648), and another on Benson Computers for P6,150.

Ultra filtered

Contrary to popular belief, there will be times when you won’t be able to buy bottled water. You just have to work with what you’ve got. You have an advantage if you have a water bottle like the GRAYL Ultralight Water Bottle: its [ONE PRESS] manual filtering system takes out all the unhealthy stuff in your 10 ounces of water. The less hospital visits and risks to your life, the better your outdoors time will be.

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Purchase your GRAYL bottle on the company’s online store for US$59.50 (around P3,100), while one purifier cartridge costs US$24.50 (around P1,275). Shipping charges aren’t included yet.

(Prefer using purification tablets instead of water bottles with filter cartridges? Aquatabs products are now available at The Generic Pharmacy and Mercury Drug!)

Move around

You want to start working out more, you want stats, and you don’t want a complicated watch. The Garmin vivofit 4 fits the bill! Its activity tracking feature monitors your daily steps, calories burned, and sleep time; and it automatically logs the numbers according to your workout activity. It’s also a great motivator: it’ll tell you when to start moving again, and gives you a daily step goal. The one-year battery life’s tough to beat, too.

Visit Garmin’s accredited retailers to confirm availability and price. For reference, its US SRP is US$80 (or around P4,160), and it’s available on Amazon for the same price. Both don’t include shipping fees.


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