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7 Things to love about Windows 7

<p>Lucky number 7</p>
| Nov 12, 2009
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The general consensus with regards to Windows Vista was that it was like a cow: slow and heavy. It was pretty with its new Windows Aero GUI (graphical user interface) and was a lot more secure than its predecessor, the ubiquitous Windows XP, but the price to pay for those new features though were steep. [firstpara] Vista was resource-hungry, and had tons of compatibility issues (though a lot of those have been resolved now), which only added to its unpopularity. As revealed in a chart prepared by gizmodo, people ended up sticking with Windows XP rather than adopting Windows Vista.

But windows Vista’s successor, Windows 7, is following a different storyline. Since its U.S. launch last Pctpber 22, 999, the new OS has been selling twice as fast as Vista did during its own launch. Windows 7 officially came here in the Philippines last November 7, 2009.

“Your PC, simplified,” goes Windows 7’s tagline. That’s exactly what Windows 7 is. It’s a beautiful, user-friendly operating system that makes using the computer—from listening to music to working on documents—a whole lot easier. We like it a lot that, yes! We made a list! 

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1. Faster boot-up, faster shutdown, faster everything
Windows 7 is phenomenally fast. If Windows Vista were an amateur runner, Windows 7 is Lance Armstrong on the final stretch of a race, giving it his all, with another biker trying to catch up to him.

Windows 7 developers really made sure to make this OS more efficient in handling all the computer’s activities, and it really shows. Booting up, shutting down, launching applications, switching windows—all of these things are done without a hitch.

2. System Requirements
Windows Vista’s reputation as a resource hog is well-documented. But did you know that Windows 7 actually has the same system requirements? Yeah, it does. But the difference here is that Vista was released in early 2007. This means that the same components that one would have to buy in order to run Vista in the past are now so much more affordable these days. Now you won’t have to break the bank for the latest processor that Intel or AMD is pimping.

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