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7 Ways to Bling Up your Gadgets!

<p>Dress up your toy, boy!</p>
by Lou E. Albano | Dec 2, 2010
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Every week, we witness an unveiling of a new toy, another technological breakthough, another Facebook upgrade, another mindfuck-ah-we're-living-in-the-future!!! care of Steve Jobs. No wonder Apple accessories have been sprouting up like the proverbial mushroom.

So popular are they that they've become a new little market segment on their own. Casings no longer just protect the gadget, they now come with fashionable featurs and  unthought-of bonuses. It's become so that it's no longer enough for chargers to just charge; there's got to be more!

We've pooled several accessories that you'd maybe want to give as gifts this Christmas. Because, you know, the actual gadget is mighty too expensive even to get for your own!

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