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7 Ways to Summerproof Your Gadgets

<p>Summer has always been a worthy adversary</p>
by Gelo Gonzales | Mar 10, 2011
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Last week, we helped you get your car ready for the epic summer trips you plan to embark on in these coming months. [firstpara]

Now that you’ve got your oil checked, your tires properly inflated, and your car waxed, it’s your gadgets’ turn to get summer-proofed.

The sun, sand, and the water are all your summer bestfriends. But your gadgets?

They’re not exactly a match made in heaven.

1. Put them in Ziplocs
This will prevent the sand and moisture from getting in the nooks and crannies of your gadgets.

Even if you accidentally drop them in water, they will be protected. You may want to put a couple pieces of foam inside that same bag. This will allow the bag to float in case you drop it in the pool. It also makes it easier to spot. 

2. Don’t leave them in the nude
Of course, you can’t just keep your music players and cameras in those Ziplocs forever, because then, why’d you even bring them in the first place?

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For your gadgets’ sake, equip them with waterproof casing. There are specially-made cases out there for your cameras, iPod players, and even laptops that protect while still allowing your gadgets to be usable.

3. Sunblock for gadgets hasn’t been invented
No matter what kind of casing you use, never leave your electronics out in the sun. Leaving them out in direct sunlight will drain the battery. And unless you want to turn your iPod into iPudding, then by all means, do as you please. But if you're like most people who'd like their iPods functional, keep them out of direct sunlight.

4. Don’t be flashy
All that beach fun could lead you to momentarily forget about your gadgets. And shore pirates could be lurking all around. To make it harder for these villains to spot your things, put your gadgets in a bag that doesn’t attract attention. No bags that looks as expensive as your gadgets, and no flashy containers. Keep it simple, and plain.

5. Wipe your hands dry
Wipe the water, the sand, the sunblock, the tanning lotion, off of your hands before touching your gadgets. Even a single particle of sand could lead to a stuck keypad, so be diligent wiping your hand.

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The sunblock and the tanning lotion could also damage the skin of your gadgets. And it’s just so silly to have the best protective cases in the world, and then damage your gadgets with your own hands.

6. The scourge that is condensation
After a whole afternoon in the sun, your gadgets will be warm. So don’t bring them inside your air-conditioned hotel room right away. That is, unless you want to write your name on the moisture build-up on your iPhone’s screen due to condensation. Allow your gadgets to reach room temperature first or the condensation could mess up the delicate electronics.

7. Don’t bring them at all
You’re supposed to have fun in the beach, and not worry about your iPhones and such. So why not take a vacation from all these gadgets as well?


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