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This 8-Bit Version Of The Avengers Movie Is Awesomely Old School!

Despite its Jurassic graphics, this 8-bit masterpiece is actually fun to watch! Calling all Marvel and Fami-com fans!
by Neps Firmalan | Jul 24, 2014
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It's Throwback Thursday! Time to show you something absolutely cool and retro!

Look: an 8-bit The Avengers movie!

marvel 8-bit the avengers 

Yes, it is exactly what we say it is—a version of 2012's The Avengers movie done with 8-bit graphics, the kind we’re willing to exchange our siesta time for two decades ago (a.k.a. the Fami-com’s heyday).

Nahihibang na ba kayo, FHM? What’s so cool with crappy visuals?” Well, allow us to explain it in the most simplest of terms: Sure, it was made with 19-kopong-kopong graphics, but watching it is a splendid throwback experience.

But what’s even more impressive is how the guys over at the YouTube channel CineFlex, the creator of the video, managed to cram all the major parts of the movie in it. It’s so complete that you might as well slap a big fat “Spoiler Alert” tag on it for those who haven’t watched The Avengers (does such a person exist?).

We mean, it has the fight scenes our comics-loving hearts loved, like when Captain America battled Loki.

marvel 8-bit the avengers

Or the part where Thor fought Iron Man.

marvel 8-bit the avengers

A Hulk vs. Black Widow sighting! Run, girl, run!

marvel 8-bit the avengers

Thor vs The Hulk, anyone?

marvel 8-bit the avengers

We still remember when Agent Coulson bit the dust. But at least the dude died fighting! Sniff!

marvel 8-bit the avengers

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