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8 Cringe-Inducing Gadget Demo Fails!

Because in tech, shit happens. A lot.
by Neps Firmalan and Juan Carlos Pulido III | Mar 19, 2013
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Remember that time when you were in front of the class and about to go on with your supposedly perfect report when, suddenly, you forgot what to say next? Or realized that you left the final piece of your presentation at home? Or, worse, your pants decided not to hide you're man bulge anymore? Okay, now breathe. Dyahe, 'di ba?

If you answered no, slow clap for you! But if you said, "been there, done that," don't worry because embarrassing as that may be, there have been other presentations that made the awkward meter soar much higher.

In other words, you're not alone, bro! Even people who know what they're talking about are not immune to the blunder bug. Case in point: Those cringe-inducing product demo fails from the land of gadgets, which of course we've taken the liberty of choosing the best of (read: most embarrassing).

Check 'em out below and be ready to feel sorry (nah, we reckon you'll be laughing)...

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1. 'Unbreakable' mobile phone breaks (Sonim XP1)

Gadget: Sonim XP1 unbreakable phone
Anyare!?: Unveiled at the 2010 edition of CES (Consumer Electronics Sow) in Las Vegas, the XP1 was touted to survive a 10-storey drop and being submerged from a depth of up to 20 feet for 30 minutes. You couldeven hammer a nail with it! Awesome stuff considering current flagships might not even survive a drop from a couple of feet up in the air.

The CEO of Sonim, the company selling the phone, was so confident he announced that they’d give a free phone to anyone who can manage to break the XP1. Well, let’s just say the TV reporter got a free phone from Sonim...

What we realized: Damn, that reporter has a strong right arm!

2. Sony unveils uncooperative OLED TV

Gadget: Sony 4K OLED TV
Anyare!?: Given how 4K ultra-definition boob tubes are beginning to become a trend, it’s not a surprise that Sony also unveiled their own. While the TV itself touts amazing quality and thin design, it is what it didn’t do that made the unveiling memorable. Instead of showing amazing videos, the TV blanked out and a BIOS screen appeared.

We have to give credit to Sony CEO Kaz Hirai for saving the day with his quick wit, but a few heads must have rolled after such a blunder.

What we realized: Mr. CEO can work under pressure! And, although shit happened, that TV looks mighty fine!

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3. Microsoft Surface tablet freezes during demo

Gadget: Microsoft Surface
Anyare!?: Ah, glitches... We just can't get rid of you, no matter how much advance our technology is. Right, Microsoft?

At the unveiling of the company’s Windows 8 Surface tablet in June last year, project leader Steve Sinofsky was demonstrating the Surface's smooth browsing experience...that's until the tablet itself wouldn’t cooperate and decided to stop responding. Good thing for Microsoft's team, a second unit was on hand, just in case something wrong happens. Maybe they had ESP, no?

What we realized: It's always good to have a back-up. In this case, another tablet!

4. One of a Kind piece breaks into a million pieces

Gadget: A "one of a kind" recording device
Anyare!?: Techies of a certain age (late 20s to early 30s) will remember the technology-centric TV network known as TechTV. One of the more popular shows on the network was Call for Help which was a call-in show where people “call for help” because of their computer problems.

Unfortunately, there was one problem where they weren't able to solve. In one of their segments, a guest was showing of a "one of a kind" recording device when
BOOM!it breaks into lots of tiny pieces! Ouch!

What we realized: That old dude was nervous as heck. Maybe he had too much coffee before the show...

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