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8 Hair-Raising Movie Gadgets

You won't wanna play with them!
by Neps Firmalan | Oct 31, 2012
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I promise you a world of pleasure with this box...NOT!

Halloween is upon us and, as such, the whole world is beginning to don their spooky masks in celebration and anticipation of the scariest day of the year. With the added horror mist in the air, we've started to look at formerly mundane and innocent objects and happenings in a creepier light: that creaking door, the empty house at the end of the block, your lola's rocking chair. Their creep factor suddenly shoot up when the calendar sets on the 31st of October, right?

But those are like happy pills compared to what we're about to show you. Ladies and gents, here are some of the spookiest, most hair-raising gadgets to be part of the silver screen and your nightmares. Check out the horror-fest below. Remember to say your prayers before you sleep tonight.

Note: Gadgets not in any particular order. We've also list down thescariest movies ever here.

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