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Jun 17, 2013
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Ah, the trusty ol' payong, one of our main weapons against the torrential rain that's soon to be as common a sight as EDSA traffic, now that the rainy season has arrived.

Yet, in spite of the forecast, we're still sometimes too lazy to bring one along, and there are a few reasons why: it's clunky, an added burden to lug around, and *gasp* could even ruin our get-up. We feel you bro, but hey, if you wanna stay dry, you have to suck it up.

We might, however, change our stance if umbrellas were as cool and awesome as the eight high-tech umbrellas below. So geeky-cool are these gadget-brellas that we might even consider bringing them even if Haring Araw is up high. Check them out.

1. The iBrella

Aside from shielding you from the elements, the iBrella can do something 99.9-percent of other umbrellas can't: play music (sort of). It can connect to your Apple iPod and play your fave tunes while your media player is tucked away safe in your pocket. What's better is you won't have to bring the iPod out to, say, switch to the next song or increase/decrease the volume; the iBrella has a motion-sensor system that lets you control music playback simply by moving it. For example, if you want to play tunes at random, shake it; if you want to switch between play modes, stab the air upwards with the iBrella like you would when trying to smash an ipis on your ceiling.

2. Forecast Umbrella

hi-tech umbrella forecast umbrella

What if an umbrella can also "predict" the weather? Then it would be something like the Forecast Umbrella! Its Wi-Fi can connect to the net to sniff for weather forecasts. The higher chance of rain, the more its handle will glow, warning you with more certainty if whether or not you should bring it along with you.

NEXT: An umbrella that lets you shoot and upload selfies to the web!