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8 Interactive Google Doodles You Can Game On

The Big G wants a high score!
by Neps Firmalan | May 16, 2013
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Y'all have probably seen the colorful Google logo on the search-engine's home page. Do you know that it actually changes and sheds its simple look for something more creative? It does and, depending on the day or if there's something big going on or being celebrated, it can even be playable.

Wait, what?

Yes, playable, as in you can rack up a high score and show your mad keyboard skills. Proof? Look no further than our 8 Google logo aka Google Doodle picks that are downright interactive, enough to help shoo all that online boredom away.

Check them out below and say adios amigo to productivity for a short while. Enjoy!


1. Hurdles

Interactive google doodles hurdles
Date: August 7, 2012

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In celebration of: The 2012 Olympic Games, specifically for track and field events.

How to play: You're presented with a man that has to jump over hurdles. Keep him runnin' by rapidly pressing the left and right arrows keys and hit the up arrow key to send him flying over the obstacles.


2. Zamboni

Interactive google doodles zamboniDate: January 16, 2013

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In celebration of: The 112 birthday (whoa!) of Frank Zamboni, the inventor of the Zamboni ice resurfacer, which cleans and smoothens skating rinks around the world.

How to play: Using your mouse or directional keys, control a Zamboni and clean the tracks left by a skater to gather points. Be careful though as there are obstacles (and bonuses) that can ruin your play and remember to keep a watch on your fuel meter.


3. Chinese New Year

Interactive google doodles chinese new year snake

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Date: February 10, 2013

In celebration of: This year's Chinese New Year

How to play: If you know how to play the 3310 version of Snake (which we bet you do), you'll have no probs with this. For the rest, well, just let the red snake eat the food and not itself using the arrow keys. Sounds easy enough, right?


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