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8 Kick-Ass Speakers To Amp Up Your Gadgets' Audio Performance

Because you're not a true geek if your gadgets' audio performance suck!
by Neps Firmalan and James Andrei Tan | Sep 16, 2014
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Speakers are not the sexiest of gadgets, often coming in boring blocky designs with heft that will make you remember how much of a failure you are in the gym. Despite this fact however, it remains an integral part of your geeky setup because, well, being truly hi-tech means more than just top-notch visuals.

Let's put it this way: Wouldn't it suck if awesome graphics are accompanied by tunog-lata or (gasp!) no sound at all? We thought so.

But of course, there are specimens that look good and pump out nice sounds as well. What's even better is, compared to the '80s and '90s or when speakers followed the sacrament of gadget matrimony (read: they can only connect to one or, at most, two devices), today's offerings hook up with more gizmos, from your desktop PCs to smartphones and tablets.

Because we want you to be well-rounded tech-heads, we decided to round up here the awesome speakers that will "level up" your gadgets' audio capabilities while making your gear look cool, as in totally!

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Made by the legendary guitar amp brand that has partnered with the likes Eric Clapton and contemporary rockers like The Black Keys, the Stanmore Brown continues Marshall’s legacy of blasting quality sounds into the modern age.

Smaller than its guitar amp siblings, the Stanmore Brown's vintage look gives it an old-school cred. It's better parked in your man cave than moved around though since it's still quite heavy (5 kg)but that only means you're not playing with a toy.

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Set it in one place where chicks can appreciate it. Once they do, play them some sexy old blues through the 80-watt speaker. Their reaction will make you feel like British rock royalty.

Hooks up with: Smartphones, tablets, TVs, and desktops (via Bluetooth or cable)

Soundtrip na for: P19,995


Video via George Ohan

Slightly smaller, lighter, and more modern-looking than the Marshall, the Nyne Bass is a speaker that’s portable enough to be a nice fit for your camping trips, a day out in the beach, or a BBQ in the backyard with your bros (and gals!). The party starts the minute you hear it play booming bass lines without a hint of distortion in high volume.

You can go all out for 10 hours with this baby, which also connects to your portable media devices from as far as 33 feet via Bluetooth. Or, you could just place your NFC-capable (near field communication) device on it for even faster pairing. But if you're more traditional, a 3.5 mm cable will do, too.

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Hooks up with: Smartphones, tablets, portable media players, and desktops (via Bluetooth or cable)

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