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8 New Reasons To Finally Buy A Nintendo Switch Have Been Revealed

Some major nostalgia is about to get portable
by Ash Mahinay | Sep 14, 2018
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Nintendo has generally relied on their homegrown titles to sell their systems: Pokemon, Zelda, Super Mario, Metroid, etc. The pro is you can always expect quality from those games, but the con (for them) is it's hard to develop FOMO if you buy a Nintendo then miss out on all the games coming out for other consoles. We're not gonna lie, but the portable basically-a-super-Gameboy Switch has been tempting us lately and this latest announcement from Square Enix may convice you to go for it along with us.

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That's right, Final Fantasy entries from both the PS1 and PS2 days are coming to the console next year, along with a clutch of new titles as well. VII, IX, X/X-2, and XII are sure insta-buys and it'll be great to replay those classics wherever and whenever with the Switch, but we're also interested in the rest—two in particular stand out.


Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon EVERY BUDDY!

Photo by Square Enix
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The Mystery Dungeon series is a top-down RPG-lite where you play as everyone's favorite bird in a semi-turn based system—enemies only move and act, every time you do as well. It's simple fun and cute af.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

The last main game in the series condensed into chibi-form, it's one of the more creative remakes of recent times we'd have to say. And if you're a salty gamer who didn't agree with XV's gameplay, then you might prefer to play it when it feels like an old-school entry instead.

With a Switch available at roughly "only" P17000, it might be the perfect self-gift this holiday season since you won't be running out of nostalgic goodness to load it up with in 2019. And you may want to reach for one of these special editions coming out soon too, if you're not into the slightly kiddy red-and-blue default color scheme it has.

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The Smash Bros. edition is low-key in greyPhoto by Nintendo
Or maybe Pokemon is life?Photo by Nintendo
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