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The Paktor Dating App And The 8 Don'ts When Looking For Love Online

Tips to butter up your online self the right way
by Neps Firmalan | Nov 5, 2013
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Are you still loveless after years of searching and despite numerous telebabad sessions with Papa Jack? Are you about to drown yourself in booze for the nth time because you're losing hope?

Don't fret, bro. Whenever your homies tell you "Okay lang yan, pre. Love can be found in many places naman," believe them. It's true, as true as Angela Gabrielle's super cute face or the screen you're now reading this on.

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Truth be told, you can find love virtually, and by that we mean without personally or physically hooking up. There's love online, and there are many tools that can help you find it.

One of the newest ones out there is dating app Paktor.

Paktor is being marketed as an app that can help you search for "The One" by using your smartphone or tablet. However, it doesn't have to be a new lover; you can also look for a new friend or new members for your barkada. Shedding the love angle, Paktor is really an app that basically lets you meet new people online. Now that's not exactly new (duh, Facebbok), but the way it do things is quite interesting.

Forever Alones, check out this promo video:


Paktor is founded on three main principles: anonymity, locality, and usability. Getting started is quite easy; you won't have to jump through hoops and fill out many fields. You just sign-in using your Facebook account (which we believe you already have). Don't worry, it won't modify or change anything in your precious profile.

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Once you've set up an account, you can now browse through the profiles of other Paktor users. This part is easy-peasy as you won't be bombarded with lengthy profiles. Paktor will only show the important and relevant stuff (e.g. distance from your listed location, common friends, shared interests, and a few photos) about a certain user.

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