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8 Reasons Why Not Being On Facebook Is Actually A Good Thing

Spoiler alert: Being a hipster isn't on the list!
by Neps Firmalan | Feb 3, 2015
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Here's a question that often gets thrown around even if we already know the answer 99-percent of the time: Are you on Facebook? Don't bother answering. As we've said, #AlamNa.

A few ginormous figures to blow your mind and further drive home our point:

  • By the end of 2014, there were almost 1.4 billion Facebook users worldwide (out of the almost three billion Internet users in the world).
  • Around 864 million people log-in daily.
  • In the Philippines, there are over 37 million Internet users and almost all of them (over 34 million) are on Facebookand that's as of April last year. That number should be significantly bigger now.

See what we mean, fellow Facebook addicts?

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But the aforementioned stats also show another, totally different thing: There are still people who are not hooked on Facebook. Hard to believe for us who live in a country that's been heralded as the Social Media Capital of the World.

It's hard for us to imagine not having an account on the gargantuan social-networking site (FHM Facebook Nation, reprezent!). That being said, we wager the following are the potential reasons why someone is still hands off Mark Z's spawn or will dare end his/her Facebook existence!


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Facebook acts as a fast way for media outlets to spread the news. (Almost) everyone's on it, which increases the chance of virality. Too bad this advantage has been used by shady users to fool gullible members of FB Nation into reading and sharing false news, fake stories, and other kinds of hoaxes (like these online lies that fooled a lot last year).

If you're not on Facebook, chances are you won't be victimized by this. Sure, you'll be updated slower, but at least you'll not run a high risk of spreading BS like "OMG, ______ IS DEAD! WATCH THE VIDEO HERE!!!"


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C'mon Facebook gamers, if we want to play that stupid game, we would've signed up the moment you first gave us an invite! No need to bombard us with alerts of joining your guild/farm/mafia or helping you with crushing a bunch of sweets 24/7.

Non-Facebook users, we envy you for not having to put up with this online annoyance.


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Facebook also doubles as a virtual stage for word wars between bickering friends. You've seen it happen on your News Feed. While it's okay if it happens rarely or you're not involved, it gets utterly tiring if it happens frequently. Hey, we only have a limited supply of popcorn! Seriously, aren't we all supposed to be friends here?


There's nothing wrong with getting tagged in a photo...not unless said photo shows you looking like crap after a night of torturing your liver.

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Sorry bud, but your online pogi meter will drop a few notches the moment you approve the tag request. Sure, you can choose to ignore it, but would you risk hurting your dear friend's feelings? See? Those not on Facebook have it easy.


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Your friends who are not on Facebook won't encounter the paranoia associated with being virtual friends with your parents or your boss. They won't have that constricting feeling of having to really think about what you post, or do security measures like hiding a potentially-sensitive post or making it visible only to a few select friends because you fear for your job or what your family might say. Deleting them from your Friends List is out of the question. You're stuck with them for all eternity (unless of course you'll create another account, which is sad).


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Facebook is a digital smorgasbord of personalities, and some of 'em can be really annoying. To name a few:

  • The Boy/Girl Laslas, aka the resident emo kids
  • The Yabanger, aka someone who's so full of him/herself
  • The Negatron, aka the user who can turn everyday into Monday with pessimistic posts

Just imagine seeing their posts on your feed whenever you go online on Facebook. Good thing you can always unfriend, but what if that particular person is a close bud real-life. Awkward alert!


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Admit it: You've used Facebook to spy on your now-happy ex! Don't worry, we won't judge. But don't you think seeing all those happy photos, videos, posts, and whatnot from your former S.O. will only make the moving on part a bit harder? Those not on Facebook are not immune to heartache, but at least they won't be tempted into checking out their ex's profile for a glimpse of what-could've-been.

In the words of that super powerful Disney queen who has the power to turn everyone into a giant Popsicle, "Let it go."


not on facebookAccording to #FacebookDown tweets that bombarded the interwebs during The Great Facebook Outage of 2015, productivity reached an all-time high while everyone was asking what went wrong. We don't have the numbers to back it up, but it makes perfect sense. Less distractions = a clearer view of your goals.

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Not that we're asking for the complete annihilation of Facebook, but it makes you think of all the advancements we could've done if we didn't spend so much time coming up with the perfect selfie or liking everything we see on our feed.

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