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8 Devices That Prove Geeks Make The Darndest Things

There are useful, game-changing gadgets, and there are those that are note-worthy in a whole new different light! We list eight of these devices that show intense geekery can lead to some really <em>kakaiba</em> creations!
by KC Calpo | Mar 28, 2014
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Necessity really is the mother of invention. The problem is we all have different necessities, which of course leads to varying inventions: some spectacular and revolutionary, some reasonable, some quirky, some downright weird, and some going right past the #SMH level.

Yup, it's a centuries-long game of hit-and-miss when it comes to creating things for specific purposes (and then later on, mass usage). We certainly owe our lifelong thanks to über-geeks for coming up with Version Ones of the high-tech things and tech we use today. So, to guys like Nikola Tesla (for improvements to our electricity system), Tim Berners-Lee (for the Internet), Philo Farnsworth (for the TV), and our very own Fe del Mundo (for the incubator), saludo kami sa inyo!

And then there are new inventions and gadgets that we deem cool simply because they are. Not all of them may make sense to others or be useful (yet) to the general population, or they may be built on previous inventions, but they still, in modern youth parlance, "rock." Here we list seven of such inventions which prove that, really, geeks make the darndest things!


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Device: Snakebot

We're not big on reptiles (although a site of them duking it out is truly one for the books). The only times we're brave enough to even look at them are when they're CGI'ed (for example, Nagini), in a cage, or with their handlers. But this snake, we like. Snakebots are used in different industries, and can sub for humans whenever shit gets real.

Why it's freakin' cool: It doesn't bite or need regular feedings, comes in various sizes, can do pretty much anything you program it to do—including working for the Israeli Defense Forces.

If we have it, we'll use it for: Fighting fire (because metal will persevere better in extreme heat than human flesh.



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