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9 Signs You're Addicted To 'Likes'

Getting 'attention' on social networks makes you feel good. But have you become addicted to them?
by Gelo Gonzales | Nov 2, 2015
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To your brain, getting a "like" on Facebook is an experience similar to eating a nice, crispy serving of lechon, having sex, or receiving your 13th month pay—at a greatly weaker intensity, of course. But what all of these do is stimulate a reward center in the brain called the "nucleus accumbens," according to a report on

As with anything that makes us feel good, however, we could get addicted.

"Likes" could effectively become your drug, and you will itch for that next fix. Your followers and friends effectively become your drug dealer. Money won't help you buy their likes though; you'll need true like-bait, something really funny, or something really mindblowing. 

Do you think you're addicted? Below's our checklist!

1)   You check your feed every second after posting something new

"Come on, people. I don't have all
day to wait for your likes!"

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...and you're absolutely demolished when the number of likes doesn't reach your expectations. 

2)   You make a mental note of who's liking and who's not liking

...and you hate it when a person who you know would like it, didn't "like" it. 

3)   You try to figure out what will make that person like your post the next time around. 

"I'll get you next time, you Facebook snob."

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4)   The first person to like your post gets extra points in your book. 

"I love you, first-liker."

5)   The first thing you do in the morning is to check how many likes that post you made right before sleeping has gotten.

If your post "performs" as well as you thought it would, it feels like you're about to have the best day ever

6)   ...and if it doesn't, you're all like "Do people hate me? Why do people hate me?" 

Exag but true.

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7)   When reading something or see a funny photo on the Internet, you sometimes catch yourself thinking, "Hmm, I wonder how many 'likes' this might get"

...and then you're absolutely convinced that this story will set a new "career high" for likes for your profile. Well, that's usually a telltale sign that it won't. You will be disappointed. And you will question your ability to connect with people and the validity of your feelings.  

Just like Drake felt after showing the world his interpretation
of that popular phrase "Dance like no one's looking" 

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8)   You'll then begin to understand that if there's one trait that people will really like about a post, it's this: sincerity. 

Bragging about that shiny new thing you just bought won't get you likes, just as being cryptic, elitist, and dogmatic will. 

There's the trick, fellas, post only the things that genuinely elicited a response from you. Happy things. Sad things. Things in between. Things you're passionate about. You know, the feels. People "like" that. (Or at least, that's the plan!)

9)   #You #turn #your #post #into #a #hashtag #buffet

One day you will look back at the post you made about your car and wonder why you labeled it with #food, and be completely disgusted of how much of a sellout to likes you were. You'll then proceed to laugh about it, you write a funny post that you, of course, hashtag with #NoRegrets.

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