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A Farewell Letter To The Forgotten iPod Era

Thanks for the memories
by Andrei Medina | Jul 28, 2017
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News broke this week that Apple has finally decided to pull the plug on their long line of iPod products, save for the iPod touch which will continue their legacy of having songs on the go in a dedicated portable audio device.

As one of the millions of iPod owners, I actually felt indifferent. After all, I haven’t used my old iPod—an 80 GB fifth generation classic model—since forever and it has been stuffed inside one of my so called “memory boxes” as a reminder of sorts from my younger days.

My first memories of these glorified music players are from back in high school when it was just becoming the hot gadget to own aside from a PlayStation Portable. Every cool kid in class owned one, head-bobbing to their favorite tunes saved in their shiny new devices. The richest kids in school even had the iPod docks which allowed them to blast Maroon 5’s “She will be Loved” in the classroom during the much awaited recess and lunch breaks.

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In retrospect, I never really had a strong desire to own one since I was already satisfied with my old school MP3 player looping some Linkin Park songs that kept my teenage angst in check. iPods or MP3’s, the music was all the same to me. But I did tell myself this: the iPod was something good to have at the very least, if only I could afford it.

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It was not, however, until my first year of college when I had the luxury of owning my first (and last) iPod, which was given to me by my dad as a birthday present.

It looked like this:

I recall it to be a fat and expensive piece of tech that was a hassle to carry around mainly due to its weight. But who cares? At least I had the clunky fifth generation 80 GB model that surely had heads turning. And at the time, 80 GB was a boatload of digital space.

With this, I downloaded all my favorite jams, which mostly consisted of explicit songs from Akon and My Chemical Romance (it was the emo era). I was also able to stuff in tons of funny clips from YouTube, which I watched with some friends to shoo away the boredom while waiting in between classes.


But looking back, I didn’t really get to use my iPod a lot. Maybe I should have. Despite this, I deeply cherish those times when the iPod was my sanctuary of songs that helped me get through some of the toughest times of my teenage life.

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I’ll probably fire it up one last time when I get home later and play some good old songs from the past before I put it back in my memory box—this time, perhaps for good. 


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