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A screamer speaker from JBL!

<p>Like an audio swiss knife cutting through the sound spectrum</p>
| Nov 26, 2009
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Cheap, China-branded iPod docks are a dime a dozen nowadays. They that cost, well, all but a few dimes. [firstpara] But for audiophiles who aren’t easily satisfied with pop-and-crackle, tin-quality sounds, one of the brands to run off to remains JBL. The JBL MX100 proves just why.

The JBL MX100, a full-featured high-end audio system, is a screamer. You are definitely in for a trip to sonic wonderland. Delivering crisp, unblemished audio, the MX100 captures the whole audio spectrum—and with great precision, too.

From the booming bass of the latest house tunes, to glitzy pop, to rawkin, head-banging metal, the MX100 has it covered. Use the MX100 as your sound system for watching movies and prepare to be impressed. It surprisingly emulates surround sound without leaving you unsatisfied.

Like a swiss knife cutting through all your audio needs, the MX100 comes with standard features such as a CD player, an FM tuner, auxiliary inputs, and of course, a dock for your iPod and iPhone.

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Not only does the JBL MX100 sound great, it scores a perfect 10 in the looks department too. It borrows Apple’s design philosophy: simple yet sharp. The sleek black finish and curvaceous exterior should lend itself well to any modern room, adding pizzazz and life.

The only real downer here is the price, It retails for P34,990. But for all that this sexy package offers, it might just be worth every dime you shell out.

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