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Acer Aspire Touch

<p>Does this come with a lap dance?</p>
| Feb 25, 2010
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The pointing finger used to symbolize so many things: it's what Drew Barrymore and Henry Thomas used to interact with E.T. in that one ultra-dramatic scene. [firstpara] Anime fans can certainly credit Yusuke for blasting a “Ray Gun” using this finger in YuYu Hakusho or Ghost Fighter. It's also recognizable from that uber-fun Chickenjoy commercial from a few years ago, featuring a still-young Serena Dalrymple.

Well, technology now owns this finger, thanks to the arrival of touch screen technology. The latest brand to join the bandwagon is Acer, with its main-event caliber of an act.

Ladies and gentlemen, out comes the Acer Aspire 5738PG-874G50Bn. Geekoid of a name, yes but according to our friends from, we can spare ourselves from agony by simply calling it the Acer Aspire Touch.

The Acer Aspire Touch looks like your typical 15.6-inch wide-screen laptop. If it weren't for its touch screen capabilities, it is just the typical wide-screen laptop.

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It has a capable processor, a roomy SATA drive, and an impressive graphics subsystem which is perfect for several game and office apps.

The main feature is, of course the front-end app called the Acer Touchportal, which allows users to control Acer’s multimedia functions like the Internet explorer, photo viewer, and the movie or music players, with a touch of a fingertip.

But for the sake of the laptop’s essence, they certainly did improve other parts of it as well. Its keyboard, for instance, has finger-friendly buttons big enough to avoid hassle-causing typos.

The Aspire is a multimedia workhorse, with an HDMI port that lets you hook an external display for a bigger sight for sore eyes.
The laptop also features a Blu-ray drive, which is a big yay!

It has a Bluetooth signal, has 4 USB ports, contains a 1.3 mega pixel webcam, and has a battery life of 2 hours. The weight is not very admirable at 2.8kg, but that’s the whole point of a large touch screen laptop, right?

In any case, this Acer is pretty cool. But it's price tag—a whopping P79,900—is not. In fact, knowing how much it costs will make you look for more from the laptop. A lap dance say? A cheap joke, we know, but c'mon.

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If it's going to cost that much, there's got to be more than the usual touch screen quality. Perhaps a Blu-Ray copy of E.T.?


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